Case Studies

Halifax Vogel Group

"In all of the years I’ve been involved with businesses I’ve yet to see a business of a similar size or scope that has implemented a system as capable as MYOB Greentree for the same or lesser cost. We get enormous value for money out of MYOB Greentree."

Bruce Raymond, Chief Executive Officer, Halifax Vogel Group

Halifax Vogel Group was struggling with a system that simply wasn’t coping with the demands of increasing levels of complexity. CEO Bruce Rayment visited a business software tradeshow where, on the face of it, at least 12 offerings could achieve what Halifax Vogel Group (HVG) was looking for – sophisticated workflow capability.

After navigating their way out of the software maze using a well-considered and exhaustive list of key evaluation criteria, the assessment team narrowed the race down to Star Business Solutions and one other company before deciding that MYOB Greentree’s workflow capability stood out.

The decision clincher for Bruce was simply the opportunity for users to personalise the desktop based on the tasks they needed to perform and information they needed to access. This meant that his staff would get a unique, uncluttered view of exactly what they needed to see, which Bruce says significantly changed and improved the flow of information around the business.

Choosing an integrated system

MYOB Greentree effectively rolled into one integrated system multiple disparate systems, databases and spreadsheets which, coupled with business growth, were responsible for the increasing complexity of the business. Integration has effectively eliminated manual processes, reduced huge amounts of data entry time and significantly improved information flows. This has added even greater impetus to the workflow gains associated with the active desktop customisation.

Seeing things clearly in the starlight

Sister business Octanorm Australia now uses MYOB Greentree’s manufacturing functionality, which Bruce says, “handles the manufacturing of aluminium profiles and assorted parts into shorter lengths and kitsets with ease.” Although there aren’t masses of processes involved, he says “MYOB Greentree provides high visibility of all information throughout the manufacturing process, with greater control of costs, and the one-system environment makes tracking and tracing orders incredibly easy. With one server being accessed remotely by more than 30 staff members, everyone has the same view of information, which simply doesn’t compare to the multiple systems we needed to access in the past. Now, information can be relied upon since it’s not predisposed to the errors associated with data being manually entered and re-entered.”

5 Star listening

The ability to listen is a characteristic which shouldn’t be under-rated, and Bruce states that this was a key factor in the successful implementation by Star Business Solutions. “They were very committed to making sure the whole process went according to plan and they continue to provide excellent support today.”

Still exploring the rest

Bruce concedes that they’re only scratching the surface of the power of MYOB Greentree, but the scope for further development as the resource becomes available is something he’s looking forward to unleashing.

As far as Bruce is concerned, it’s “mission accomplished” in terms of achieving the goals of more workflow efficiency and eliminating manual processes and systems. He’s confident that, in partnership with Star Business Solutions, HVG will be growing into MYOB Greentree over the next 10 years or more.