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The Australian agriculture, farming and food industries are run by hard-working primary producers and fisherman who are masters in their craft. While they are astute enough to have built up their business to where it is today they are usually not accountants and now that their business has reached a certain size they want help streamlining and better enabling certain parts of the business. Star Business Solutions can help companies in the Australian agricultural, food and fishing industries perform many game changing functions from integrating better Quality Control to overhauling entire information systems.

MYOB Greentree's Farm Management Software can increase stock status visibility while reducing inquiry times

If you’re a farmer looking to overcome problems with the visibility of the status of your stock that results in slow inquiry times then MYOB Greentree can help you. By integrating MYOB Greentree’s Quality Control Module you’ll have better systems in place that will enable you to dramatically reduce inquiry times, because management and staff will have real-time access to inventory status and availability

Are you a big fishery with high volume stock? Know the quantities and types of fish caught, as soon as they are caught

If you’re a big fishery MYOB Greentree can help you to manage your high volume of stock by allowing your marketing team to easily know the quantities and types of fish caught, as soon as they are caught. Having a stock management system that is updated in real-time and integrated with your financial system means that your marketing and finance teams now have accurate and live data to work with. Or if you are dealing with leasing contracts in this industry then we can help too. With our Job Costing and Invoicing modules that effectively integrate, you will be able to more accurately cost jobs and services to better manage your own costs.

Whatever it is that your business is looking for, from a system upgrade in one area of the business to an entire system overhaul, speak to us about finding and implementing the perfect solution.

Stahmann Farms

"An outstanding positive about Greentree is that, despite the complexity of our business, it presented little need for customisations."

John Howard