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Cloud ERP for Agriculture

Australian agriculture is amongst the most productive and efficient of all producers on the planet. Our farmers do more than just feed Australians; they feed the world and set benchmarks for quality. The new frontier for Australian agriculture businesses is digital transformation.

The role of digital transformation in Australian agriculture 

Those who are not in the know may fail to understand how technically literate the Australian Agricultural sector is. It was an early adopter of internet and GPS based technologies. Anyone who has attended a local conference on agriculture or field day understands how technologically the sector has needed to become to remain competitive; however, for many, there is still an opportunity to improve financial and information management. 

The role of Star in your agricultural business 

As businesses grow and scale, so does their complexity. This growth often demands piecemeal additions for specific business processes, divisions and locations, resulting in legacy and new systems crashing into each other. Star can demonstrate how they can provide you with an MYOB Advanced solution that delivers enterprise-wide improvements to managing every aspect of your business. 

Introducing MYOB Advanced 

Mid-sized business like yours worldwide are adopting cloud-based ERP solutions like MYOB Advanced for whole business management. Why? MYOB Advanced is an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning software solution that allows you to integrate every aspect of your businesses finances and management into a single database, breaking down information silos and delivering more significant business insights and efficiencies. 

Improved financial management 

One of the first benefits you can realise with your new MYOB Advanced solution is improved financial management. By streamlining processes from ordering to delivery to a better collection of AR and management of AP, you remove speed humps allowing better cashflow management. Use customisable dashboards to see how your business, budgets, and people are performing in real-time. Create customisable or automate standardised reporting to deliver the actionable insights your people need to make more informed decisions faster. 

Anywhere any time data and information management 

Many of the most important data collection and business management decisions happen in the field. It’s where you need access to critical customer, crop, and business information. MYOB Advanced is a cloud-based solution, which allows anyone on your team role-based secure access to see and add data and information anywhere they have internet access. Now you can tack and capture details from the field, such as attendance for the labour, crop harvest yields, and material consumption throughout the process, without waiting until you at a desk. 

Capture end to end business processes 

The secret to the success of many in the Australian agricultural sector is their business processes. Unfortunately, some of those business processes still use paper or reside in the heads of key staff members. Capture all your business processes in a single business database and manage your business, financial and resource processes with the one fully integrated database. Add role-based access with approval processes linked to your business and compliance requirements. Include alerts triggered by business events or exception. Manage every aspect of your business, from label printing in the field to tracing deliveries. 

People and payroll 

Your business most likely uses a combination of permanent and seasonal workers. You need a more straightforward, paperless process to manage every aspect of payroll, from time collection to compliance. Star can deliver a version of MYOB Advanced optimised to meet the specific needs of your agricultural business. It can include payroll information captured in the field, self-service portals for leave management. It can also capture and manage compliance data essential to mitigating risk in your business. 

Food safety and produce traceability 

With an end-to-end cloud-based solution like MYOB Advanced, Food safety and produce traceability can become much more manageable. By capturing data at the point of origin, using alerts and real-time dashboards for greater visibility and capturing compliance processes and data within the one system, you can both improve your Food safety and produce traceability and create an audit trail. 

Crop Management 

Many of your crops have a standard process that needs to be followed to achieve a high crop yield. Star can deliver a solution to plan your crop cycles, capturing standard methods and tasks linked to each crop. Star can even provide an MYOB Advanced solution with geotagging capabilities for all your properties that helps your team quickly determine the overall layout of your operations along with distances and temperature differences.  

Agile Australian agricultural business 

Your business looks very different to what it did 10 years ago. In 10 years, it will look even more different. Star can provide you with an MYOB Advanced solution that helps you prepare and manage every change in your business. From changes in scale and complexity to access to new markets in new geographies and changing industry and financial practices, your new MYOB Advanced will make your agricultural business more robust and agile. Use historical data from your MYOB Advanced solution to drive forecasting, budgeting, and planning. Drill down into crop management and post-harvest processing information to streamline processes, improve revenue generation and profitability. With a cloud-based enterprise-wide ERP solution like MYOB Advanced and a support partner like Star, anything is possible. 

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