MYOB Advanced Industries

Cloud ERP for Distribution

Connectivity is not a buzzword for Distributors; it’s the secret to success. Every barrier to information flow costs money, slows delivery and impacts client and customer satisfaction levels.

The fastest and most predictable path to growth 

Success breeds success. Improved service delivery, better stock management and satisfied customers are all essential to your growth and profitability. Star can provide you with MYOB Advanced solutions that deliver all these benefits to your business and many more, at a price and in a time frame that is well within reach. 

Streamlining business models 

To begin with, a unified, cloud-hosted system like MYOB Advanced delivers information flow between functions, reducing duplication of effort, manual data entry and real-time business insights. Star work with you to identify bottlenecks and problems with information flows and silos, then deliver an MYOB Advanced solution tailored to smooth out all the bumps. It’s the fastest and most cost-effective way to streamline your business model and clear a path to grow. 

Improved stock management 

How much cash do you have locked up in-stock levels? What if you could reduce stock levels while meeting and even exceeding customer expectations. Star can deliver an MYOB Advanced solution that can provide the types of dashboards, customisable and standardised with automated reporting, that provide a higher level of visibility around stock management level needs. Track inventory levels and costs across multiple warehouses and locations. Manage various customer and supplier price lists, including order discounting policies within the one system. Use dashboards to deliver real-time insights and alerts, and automation to replenish stock levels faster and with less effort. 


Improved financial management 

MYOB Advanced allows you to improve cashflows by streamlining AR collection and AP management. Optimising stock management investment with faster reporting can allow informed stock replenishment. Predict and plan for peaks and market changes through better reporting and data analysis. Liberate your team through better and automated business practices. Improve accountability through electronic approvals and auditable task and transaction workflows. 

The path to geographic growth and expansion 

Are you operating in other countries and currencies under multiple compliance models? Do you manage multiple entities under one financial structure? MYOB Advanced was built to manage this level of complexity. MYOB Advanced can cost-effectively meet your needs today and support your growth plans.  

People performance 

Your business needs to hum like a well-oiled machine. The only problem is that your people are not machines. Their roles are limited, and so is their capacity. Under pressure, ill-informed and under-resourced, they make mistakes. Help your people work better with MYOB Advanced. Remove the need for paperwork and repetitive data entry and provide business-critical information in the hands of those who need it, when and where they need it. 

Anytime, anywhere access 

Your new MYOB Advanced software is hosted in the cloud…an Australian located cloud. That means you and your team have secure, real-time access to essential business information from any device with a strong internet connection. Securely hosting your data in Australia ensures your data complies with Australian data regulations.  

A SaaS ERP system 

In addition to the hardware cost savings of a cloud-hosted solution, MYOB Advanced offers SaaS (Software as a Service) pricing, which means you pay as you go. Now you can scale (up or down) licencing to meet your needs and change your software to meet your changing business needs. It also means lower upfront licencing costs and faster implementation. 

AZL Holdings Pty Ltd

"Stars support was first-rate. They were always prompt and knowledgeable with solutions that produced the right outcomes."

Michael Lien, Financial Controller