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Cloud ERP for Education

The very same devices in the hands of your students that help them stay connected offers a similar level of connectivity for your institute. Watch information silos dissolve and breathe new life into inaccurate and outdated data with MYOB Advanced.

A more competitive world awaits 

You prepare your students for a more competitive world and market than the one you entered. You teach them the value of lifelong learning and agility in an ever-changing world while your people grapple with business systems and software long past their prime.  

Embrace the new connected world with MYOB Advanced and Star. Embrace an enterprise-wide view and discover better ways of working and managing valuable resources. Provide your team with the help and time they need to deliver better outcomes for students.  

Reduce the administrative burden by reducing duplication and putting data collection and access into the hands of the people who need it…when they need it. 

Confidentiality and security 

Secure cloud-based access to data and financial reporting for the education sector is not just important; it's essential. In a world where even students can find ways to access on-premises data, the cloud-based security offered by MYOB Advanced provides an extra layer of protection. Your Cloud MYOB Advanced solution automatically updates the latest security updates, removing the need for updates by your IT team. Secure device access ensures that only authorised people have access and offers an auditable trail. 

Renew your focus 

Manage all your institution's critical information with confidence so that you can focus your attention on driving student success. Lower the cost, complexity, and risk of managing your finances, staff, and students with one single, accurate and secure source of information.  

Manage strategic and day-to-day operational requirements of education institutions with a single, integrated enterprise solution. 

Business-critical reporting

Create dashboards by department, projects, or any other area, allowing your entire team an at-a-glance view of critical operational and financial performance. Automatically generate reports with actionable insights, turning data into action. Start with high-level at-a-glance views, drill down into critical details, and develop a deeper understanding of how to streamline services and improve profitability. 

Connect with students

Whether you're providing education at a tertiary level, TAFE, polytechnics, K12, Are these right or used in Australia? or you are a training provider; Star can provide an MYOB Advanced solution that fits your needs. 

Star can provide solutions that allow you to stay connected with students, supplying and collecting information invaluable to the education you provide. Provide your students with self-service portals and use your CRM to stay connected and promote courses and classes. 

Connect with staff

Your new MYOB Advanced helps you better manage and communicate with staff from rostering to payroll and through Workforce Management (WFM), even when working remotely. Star can provide an MYOB Advanced solution that allows you to manage your people better with remote, self-service HR portals. 

Manage remote facilities

MYOB Advanced is designed to help you manage remote campuses finances or compliance. Access up-to-date dashboards and reports from anywhere. Collect critical data, make timely decisions, and implement plans of action faster. Respond to changing needs and local conditions faster. Take and maintain control of all your resources and facilities across the globe. 

Agility and flexibility

The course and services you provide will continue to change. The expectations of students will only increase. So will compliance requirements. In a connected world, you need transparency and real-time data and information. Your new MYOB Advanced cloud-based solution makes all this possible. As a SaaS-based solution, your MYOB Advanced subscription can adapt to meet your changing needs, and with the aid of Star, so can your software. Star and MYOB can make your education provider run more efficiently and deliver better solutions today…and into the future. 

Catholic Education Office Melbourne

"I can see exactly what is going on in real-time and the ease of access to information is very valuable."

David Wilkes