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Cloud ERP for Engineering

Your financial goals are simple; generate more revenue and drive profitability. Your business goals are a little more complicated, but they depend on you running a better-connected business with a better informed, more motivated team.

Generate more revenue and drive profitability 

Satisfying your existing customers is the secret to generating more revenue. Maximising the return on your contact list is also another revenue generation opportunity. Profitability is driven by more accurate quoting, better project, resource, and people management. Every aspect of what you need to generate more revenue and profitability can be managed in a single solution, implemented by MYOB Advanced specialist Star. 

End to end project management 

Imagine the time and resource-saving benefits of a solution that allows you to go directly from quoting to work order, with clearly defined information and approval workflows. Add to these simple workflows to manage and cost variations (with electronic approvals) from any location, and any device and the benefits of a cloud-based solution start to become apparent.  

Better financial management 

The lifeblood of your business is cash flow. MYOB Advanced and Star deliver a solution that allows you and your team to better manage every aspect of your business finances, from AR to AP management, from banking to payroll. From budgets to projects and ‘what if’ scenarios, MYOB Advanced allows you to see better and manage every aspect of your finances, allowing you to focus more on growing your business. 

Real-time reporting and information updates 

A cloud-based ERP solution like MYOB Advanced makes real-time reporting and information updates simple. As your team can securely access and update critical project and business information from anywhere at any time, there is less chance the detail is lost in translation. Dashboards allow managers to see projects in real-time and manage budgets in the same solution in real-time. At the drop of a hat, your team can generate specialised reports on any project or any aspect of your business, allowing you to respond to changing situations faster. 

HR and payroll 

You are responsible for payroll, payments and compliance for your people and sub-contractors. You need to track billable and project time for your people and manage holidays, sick and compassionate leave, and leave requests. Retention calculation and management also become more straightforward with robust calculation and reporting tools. MYOB Advanced breaks down information silos, providing you with a single source of truth for your HR and payroll management. Automate data entry, give the employees self-service portals to manage leave requests and create more actionable insights to drive better people decisions. 

Sub-contractor management 

For subcontractors, you need to track billable hours vs. quoted hours and how that relates to quotes and the scope of works completed. You also need to manage OHS and compliance requirements. Star can provide you with an MYOB solution that will make it easier and more practical for all your sub-contractor and compliance needs in a single database. Your people can also create specialised or automated standardised reports to help improve people and resource management. 

Streamline procurement 

Star can deliver an MYOB Advanced solution that streamlines your procurement process. By providing a solution that store everything from contact information to previous projects, costings and invoices, compliance information and other historical project and procurement data in one system, MYOB Advanced allows you to create more informed procurement decisions. Electronic procurement workflows and approvals also remove the need for paper-based siloed information. 

Managing multiple entities

Your business may operate locally or may operate around the globe. You may operate a single entity under one financial structure, or you may manage many. You may have to manage multiple currencies under multiple compliance models. Whether your structure is simple or complex, the one thing is for sure; your business will become more complex over time, which is which you need a solution like MYOB Advanced and an implementation partner like Star. Together they will help your business adapt to new opportunities and adjust to changing market conditions faster. 

AZL Holdings Pty Ltd

"Stars support was first-rate. They were always prompt and knowledgeable with solutions that produced the right outcomes."

Michael Lien, Financial Controller