MYOB Advanced Industries

Cloud ERP for Financial Services

Your small to mid-sized Financial Services business has grown to a level where you now need to upgrade to enterprise-level accounting and financial reporting. The volume and complexity of transactions have increased to the point you need better solutions to help you scale easily. MYOB Advanced is a cloud-based ERP software solution designed to take your business to the next level.

Built to simplify financial complexity 

MYOB Advanced is an ERP solution built around a core of financial management features. High volume transactions within a complex financial structure across multiple entities and compliance environments are easily managed within MYOB Advanced's environment. MYOB Advanced provides a centralised database to improve reporting and operational efficiency. 

Streamline and automate 

MYOB Advanced allows you to build, adapt or build a new Chart of Accounts, map and integrate multiple systems, and streamline invoicing, receipts while reducing paperwork. Use MYOB Advanced to automate reconciliations and inter-company transactions. Automated bank reconciliations freeing resources for other purposes. Streamline BAS reporting, payrolls… in fact, any almost action that's key to your business success. 

Simple, fast implementation 

Star's experience in Financial Services, combined with MYOB Advanced's core features, makes it fast and straightforward to implement, reducing costs and business interruption. Out of the box, MYOB Advanced is a better fit for your financial services business, which means there is minimal configuration to meet your specific business needs. 


Big picture. Small picture 

With MYOB Advanced, you can switch from viewing data and metrics in real-time from a high level to a granular level. See patterns, understand what's driving them, and then use those actionable insights to improve operations and increase revenue. Customise reporting within General Ledger and slice data to meet your specific needs. Use at-a-glance dashboards to view how your business is performing in real-time. 

Anywhere and anytime access 

You and your team need secure access to business-critical data and information from anywhere and at any time. As a Cloud-based ERP solution, MYOB Advanced offers this level of access. You can securely control who and what access each team member has while providing access from any device with strong internet access. Allow data and information to be accessed and updated in real-time, allowing your team to work with greater confidence, accuracy, and efficiency than ever before. 

AZL Holdings Pty Ltd

"Stars support was first-rate. They were always prompt and knowledgeable with solutions that produced the right outcomes."

Michael Lien, Financial Controller