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Cloud ERP for Food & Beverage Services

There is a great deal of noise in the business community about the importance of digital transformation in the Food & Beverage Services sector, but what does this mean to you? Does it mean a better connection with customers? Does it mean creating a paperless business and improved stock management? Maybe it means order fulfilment, better scheduling and routing. It could include improved payroll and fixed asset management. Star can deliver an enterprise-wide software solution designed to manage every aspect of your digital transformation.

Introducing MYOB Advanced 

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software has made some significant advances over the last few years, with mid-sized business solutions like MYOB Advanced leading those advances. MYOB Advanced is a cloud-based SaaS ERP solution designed with mid-sized Australian business like yours in mind. 


As a cloud-based solution, MYOB Advanced requires no specialised IT hardware purchases. Your back office, front of house people, and those in the field can securely access and update critical business and client information from anywhere on any device with internet access. The same is true for your customers wanting to place or check order status. 



As a SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription model, MYOB Advanced allows you to only pay for the licenses you need, as you need them. As the size and complexity of your business changes, so can your MYOB Advanced subscription. It’s ideal to have what you need now and the flexibility to change tomorrow. 

Respond faster to changing opportunities and market conditions 

Respond faster to consumer and market trends and opportunities with MYOB Advanced. Marketing, stock management, simplified electronic ordering, and fulfilment can all be managed quicker and more efficiently. Drill down into data on past ordering information to better understand and plan for peak demand and troughs. Bring new products to market with streamlined resources and financial management. 

More connected customers 

Your customers are more connected than ever before. They have more choices than ever before. If you want to open more doors and keep and grow revenue for existing customers, you need a digital transformation that responds to changing customer demands. Star can deliver an MYOB Advanced solution that allows your clients to connect with you and their order progress online. Use existing customer data to drive more targeted marketing and communications. Respond to changing expectations faster with an Enterprise-wide financial and data management solution that makes you more responsive and prepared. 

Increase revenue and profitability 

Increase revenue and profitability by streamlining business practices, reducing human errors and better managing resources and inventory. Set alerts to identify exceptions that may affect the success of your business. Introduce paperless workflows with approval triggers by business rules. Identify products that drive greater productivity and increased sales. Manage stock levels to free up cashflows and reduce wastage. Every improvement in efficiency, streamlined business process, improved customer engagement all contribute to drive more revenue and improve profitability. 

Route and schedule management 

Better plan and manage to schedule and route with MYOB Advanced. Star can provide a fully integrated routing and scheduling solution that will make it practical to plan and improve scheduling and routing, with real-time secure updates to drivers and back of office.  

Manage fixed asset  

Improve management of fixed assets with MYOB Advanced. Manage scheduled maintenance on vehicles and equipment. Manage parts and field service teams more efficiently, with location-based access to critical client and business information. Manage teams and resources with customisable real-time dashboards and customisable automated reports.  

End to end financial management 

Manage every aspect of your businesses finances within one solution. Link orders directly to stock and inventory management, then automatically generate invoices on fulfilment. Manage brand processes and reconciliations and payroll and tax compliance from the one centralised, secure cloud-based database. Improve collection of Accounts Receivable (AR) and better manage Accounts Payable (AP). Use data, dashboards and modelling to see your business finances with greater clarity than ever before. 

Manage complexity, no matter your compliance or business requirements 

MYOB Advanced and Star have a history of managing the complex business requirements of the Australian based Food & Beverage Services business. For example, WET tax. If your business makes wine, imports wine into Australia or is a wholesaler of wine, your Business Software or ERP System will have to account for Wine Equalisation Tax (WET). 

In MYOB, Advanced customers and suppliers are linked to Tax Zones, and inventory items are linked to Tax Categories. This combination allows a business to sell the same inventory item to a wholesaler or via the cellar door using a different tax calculation method allowing maximum flexibility to calculate the WET for both wholesale. This is just one example of how MYOB Advanced and Star can help you better manage your business complexity. 

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