MYOB Advanced Industries

Cloud ERP for General & Trade Services

Your general or trade services business has grown. So has the complexity of your operations and business systems. You may now or you may even be planning to soon have multiple entities or operate in numerous locations. You probably have added additional layers of management and approvals. To manage all of this today and into the future, you'll need MYOB Advanced and Star as your implementation partner.

Reduce complexity 

Are you still using paper-based or manual time capture? Is your team still manually scheduling job assignments, scheduling and warranties? Star can provide you with a version of MYOB Advanced that helps you streamline these processes, with custom dashboards and reporting that meets your specific business needs. 

A path to grow revenue 

There are two paths to growing revenue. The first is to increase the value of each of your existing clients. The second is to grow your client base. MYOB Advanced can help you with both. By gaining greater visibility around your current client's behaviours and spend, then providing digital solutions to help improve how you communicate and connect, you can increase your revenue. By using your business data  

Empower your team in the field, onsite and the back office 

Clear communication is the secret to your business's success. When everyone is on the same page, working with the same real-time information, following the same workflows, everything works like clockwork. MYOB Advanced is an Enterprise Resource Planning software solution, which means it allows you to break down the information silos in your organisation while adding approvals based on your business rules. A single system that connects your entire business and is flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs is the secret to your ongoing success and growth. 

Remote and field-based access 

Your teams need secure access to critical business information wherever they are. Your field service teams need access to and updated data for customers when they're onsite. They also need to record time, check stock and parts availability and warranty information. If your people work offsite on projects, they need real-time, secure access to information to do their job effectively and efficiently. MYOB Advanced is a cloud-based ERP solution, which allows your people to securely access real-time business data from anywhere, from any device. 

Improved planning and resource management 

Your people are a finite resource. You want to work with them in a way that makes their lives easier while improving your overall efficiency and profitability. MYOB Advanced makes this simple. From digital calendar boards to improved resource usage, optimise routing and better track field operations, your new MYOB Advanced ERP solution will improve the flow and efficiency of your business. Your team can even capture detailed notes and images against individual work orders and clients. 

Improved cash flow management 

When you can reduce inventory while increasing your working capital, you can improve your cash flow when you can remove any delays in invoicing and improve collection. MYOB Advanced provides you with these benefits, as well as customisable dashboards, reporting and alerts. MYOB Advanced General Ledger capabilities offer greater visibility and tracking of costs and revenue, providing actionable insights to help improve cash flow management. 

Global expansion 

You may have or plan soon to expand into other countries with multiple currencies. You may already operate numerous entities in one company. MYOB Advanced was designed for mid-sized business with aspirations for global expansion. MYOB Advanced allows you to manage and audit businesses operating in any of the 110 countries that use GAAP or 120 countries that use IFRS principles. 

AZL Holdings Pty Ltd

"Stars support was first-rate. They were always prompt and knowledgeable with solutions that produced the right outcomes."

Michael Lien, Financial Controller