MYOB Advanced Industries

Cloud ERP for Manufacturing

Your location as an Australian manufacturer can be both of benefit and a curse. Local access and compliance with Australian quality and safety standards can provide you with a competitive advantage. It can also make your pricing less competitive, which directly impacts your ability to generate more revenue and greater profitability. Star can provide an MYOB Advanced ERP solution that can help make you more efficient and competitive.

Capture business processes 

Star can deliver you an enterprise-wide software solution that breaks down information silos, removes paperwork and reduces data entry while increasing quality control and capturing your business processes. Star will demonstrate a solution that works equally well from make to stock, engineer to order, repetitive manufacturing, batch processing, make to order or hybrid manufacturing models. MYOB Advanced allows you to use one central real-time system to plan and coordinate across production and resource management, sales and finance. 

Manage complexity 

No matter how complex your business model, Star can provide an MYOB Advanced solution that meets your needs. From complex manufacturing and information flows to managing multiple entities and facilities under the one financial model, Star can provide a solution that fits your current needs and is flexible enough to adapt quickly to changing business and market needs. 

Connect with customers and drive more revenue 

Greater connectivity is the path to generating more revenue. Deliver an online solution where you automatically update customers when the status of their order changes. With MYOB Advanced, you can also use accurate, real-time data to predict sudden increases in demand and quickly fulfil large orders. You can also use your existing customer data to create more effective, targeted email campaigns. Build better customer experiences through increased visibility, consistent, reliable and on-time delivery of quality products. 

Faster to market 

The success of many products is dependent on time. Whether you’re bringing a new product to market or changing to market demand, your ability to respond faster will play a key role in your success. By streamlining and capturing your business process through MYOB Advanced, you create a more agile business to bring products to market faster and with a more competitive edge.  

Lower production costs 

With MYOB Advanced, you can track and control costs at every step in the production process, improving resource management, driving more competitive pricing and profitability. Compare standard and planned production costs to actual production costs, then use those insights to refine your manufacturing processes and lower costs. 

Improved stock management 

The same is true for stock management. Greater business efficiency and visibility make it more practical to manage stock levels based on demand, reducing inventory levels, and liberating cashflows. 

A whole business solution 

Connect your people, your customers and your business to deliver greater profitability. Improve how you develop and price products and the speed at which they go to market. Identify the ways you can improve your customer experiences while improving work and information flows. Create an enterprise-wide solution that allows your people and customers to connect securely through any device with internet access. Star can show you how simple, fast and cost-effective it is to transform your mid-size manufacturing business into a practical and smart global competitor with MYOB Advanced. 


AZL Holdings Pty Ltd

"Stars support was first-rate. They were always prompt and knowledgeable with solutions that produced the right outcomes."

Michael Lien, Financial Controller