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Cloud ERP for Professional Services

Many of the challenges faced by Professional Services businesses are also opportunities. An expectation from clients for increased access and accountability are opportunities to create a more connected, profitable business if you employ the right Cloud ERP software solution.


Your clients want you to be more responsive, but what does this mean? It means they need to know you have your finger on the pulse of their projects. You can demonstrate the value of their investment and confirm that you are delivering on your promises. It does not mean they want to spend every waking hour on the phone or in meetings with you and your team. 

Star can provide you MYOB Advanced customised to create a connected, responsive offering to clients without increasing the load on you or your team. 

The value of a connected business

You’re facing shrinking margins but have a goal of increasing revenue and profitability. How do we manage these challenges while creating a more agile business? A cloud ERP software solution like MYOB Advanced is where you start. You engage with an implementation and support team like Star. Combined, these resources will make it easier for clients to access the information they need from anywhere, at any time. It will make it easier to manage project changes and complexity for you and your team, ensuring your most valuable resources are used more efficiently. 

Managing change and complexity 

Few projects are ‘solid state’. Your projects are more likely to have some element of fluidity due to the nature of the project or the expectations of clients. These changes can be a pain point for your business or an opportunity to demonstrate your value and even increase revenue. You’re also managing multiple projects with different resource needs and levels of complexity. Your new MYOB Advanced solutions are designed to help you and your team manage the day-to-day interactions and quotes, contracts, billings, and payments. 

Make more informed decisions 

Real time data counts in your business. You and your people can’t wait. You need visibility into teams, resources, and time spent on work. You need real-time analytics and metrics from interactive dashboards to make informed decisions and respond faster. MYOB Advanced allows you to Control project execution and costs more precisely, increasing project profitability. 

Generate more revenue with fewer resources 

Imagine the value of reporting that demonstrates how projects contribute to your business.  

Imagine discovering the exact recipe for project success by quickly reviewing and comparing projects and clients, then applying knowledge to streamline business processes, project management and quoting.  

Imagine finding ways to improve efficiencies allowing you to offer more competitive pricing while increasing profitability.  

All of this is possible with your new Cloud-based MYOB Advanced ERP software solution. 


Your business is all about people: your clients, their teams, your management team, and those at the coal face. Human interaction is essential; it’s also fraught. Things are said and misinterpreted, and important details can be missed. Duplication of facts and information can cause errors. Memories are unreliable. Capturing essential business information at every touchpoint is the secret to efficiency and profitability. It’s also how you manage the messy aspects of people. Your Cloud-based MYOB Advanced solutions allows you and your people to add business-critical information instantly and securely from any location. It also allows you, your people, and your clients to access business and project critical information securely from anywhere and anytime. It’s how your people and your clients connect in more meaningful and productive ways. 


Reaching out 

The value of data is in how you use it. With MYOB Advanced, you can use your business data to test new ideas and increase revenue from your existing client base, simply through better communications. Now your team can use data segmentation to precisely target customers with offers that connect and drive more sales revenue. You can turn leads into clients and small clients into a regular income stream by simply improving the frequency, quality and personalisation of your communications and messaging. 

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"Stars support was first-rate. They were always prompt and knowledgeable with solutions that produced the right outcomes."

Michael Lien, Financial Controller