MYOB Advanced Industries

Cloud ERP for Sporting clubs, associations, and facilities

In the best of times, sporting clubs, associations and facilities operate within very tight financial constraints, often relying on volunteers to help manage the finances. In recent times these organisations have been pushed to the very brink, forcing them to reassess how they manage their resources, memberships, and other sources of income. Star can demonstrate how a cloud-based ERP software solution like MYOB Advanced can help you improve your finances and secure your future.

Anywhere, anytime access 

There are many reasons why a cloud-based ERP system is the right choice for your sporting clubs and associations. One such reason is that as a Cloud hosted solution, your people can securely access and update essential business information and data from any location, at any time. Whereas many accounting systems work on a ‘trust’ basis, MYOB Advanced allows you to add an electronic approval process, allowing you to create workflows that make it easier to work with employees and volunteers. 

Membership management

MYOB Advanced makes it easier to handle almost every aspect of membership. MYOB allows you to streamline and improve everything from managing financial projections and budgets to determine membership fees, centralised managing of invoicing, billing, payments, and collections in a single centralised solution. Your MYOB Advanced solution is also hosted in Australia, helping you maintain your data sovereignty and comply with Australian data protection guidelines. 


You want to stay connected to your members, the media and others who help drive your success. MYOB Advanced enables you to personalise your messaging and create target segments based on data in your centralised database.  

Get the fundamentals right 

Every athlete knows that you start with the fundamentals and build from there. The same is true for the financial management of organisations. MYOB Advanced will provide you and your team with a deeper understanding of your financial fundamentals and provide actionable insights to help you improve your position. From a solid foundation, you can plan and build on your success.  

Manage multiple entities 

MYOB Advanced was designed to help organisations manage multiple entities within one financial structure. Whether you’re managing multiple clubs, associations, or facilities in numerous locations in Australia or around the globe, MYOB is the right fit for you. MYOB can help you manage a structure that works with multiple currencies and multiple compliance environments. 

Managing players and staff 

Star can deliver an MYOB Advanced solution that makes it simple to manage player payments and staff salaries. Manage all your human resources within the one solution and create custom reports that help you make a better and more informed decision about your people. You can also provide your people with a self-service portal to manage to leave request and holidays. 


Less with more 

There’s an old business expression that ‘when you’re working in your business, you can’t work on your business’. This concept works as well for sporting organisations as it does for any business. You need to free up resources to work on the things that make you a success. MYOB Advanced reduces the need for paperwork, multiple data inputs and automates tasks like bank reconciliation and standardised reporting.  MYOB Advanced also makes it simple to maintain compliance with tax requirements, save time on bookkeeping, banking, and data entry.  Dashboards provide real-time insights into your organisation, allowing you to make faster and more informed decisions. 


Asset management 

From budgeting and scheduling regular maintenance to reporting issues and alerts, MYOB Advanced can help you manage all your assets. MYOB allows you to manage all your assets from a single, secure database from sporting equipment to sporting facilities. 

Planning to win 

Winning is all about preparation. Managing your resources better and preparing for the unexpected are the first steps to your success. Star can implement an MYOB Advanced solution that can help you become more resilient, prosperous, and connected to your members, players and others who drive your success. 

Swimming Australia

"Star Business Solutions got us from the start. They understood the pain points we faced as a National Sporting Association and were able to offer solutions that met our needs. There is a strong working relationship between Star and Swimming Australia, and, from a business management systems perspective, we are now positioned for the future."

Luke Emerson, GM Finance