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Cloud ERP for Transport

More than almost any other, the transport sector is undergoing a technological revolution with cloud-based SaaS solutions at the forefront. Changes like the rise in demand for address delivery drive many of these changes and influence what clients expect from more traditional transport businesses.

Why cloud-based? 

Cloud-based software solutions are ideally suited to transport businesses. They allow drivers and those in the field access to business-critical information, including real-time updates. When you combine the benefits of a cloud-based ERP system with the convenience of SaaS subscriptions (Software as a Service) over traditional software licencing models, you have the perfect software model for scalability and innovation. 

Grow your revenue 

You have four key sources available now to fuel your growth: your existing customers, their recommendations, your reputation, and your database. By delivering a better customer experience and lowering costs, you can increase revenue for existing customers, drive referrals and build your reputation. Once you’ve achieved this, you can then use your existing database to access new customers. All of this can be managed through your new MYOB Advanced software, implemented, and supported by Star. 

Reduce costs and streamline your business 

One of the key benefits of a cloud-based solution like MYOB Advanced is its ability to streamline your operation. By removing paperwork and repetitive data inputs, managing approvals electronically and capturing all your business processes and information in a single system, you can improve connectivity and efficiency throughout your entire organisation. 

Routing and scheduling 

Streamlining routing is one of the most cost-effective ways of improving profitability for your business. Having the flexibility of doing this with every delivery schedule can have a dramatic effect on your success. The same is true of managing scheduled services and maintenance. Star will demonstrate how they can implement a MYOB Advanced solution that delivers these benefits and prepares your business for other technological changes further down the road. 

By road or by water

Whether you travel by road or water, Star can provide MYOB Advanced solutions that fit your specific business needs and business models. From people or freight, internationally, interstate, intercity or inner-city greater connectivity, real-time updates, and putting information in the hands of the people who need it most can only improve your operational effectiveness, driving more revenue and greater profitability. Whether you're carrying 400 tons by sea, 40 ton by road or 4 kg by van, your goals are the same; make sure your team is informed and follow clear current instructions. By allowing your team to accurately access and update information from anywhere with strong internet access, MYOB Advanced will keep things running smoothly

Faster and better reporting

The better the quality of reporting and the faster your team have access, the greater chance your business can make a more informed decision and reap the benefits. Star can demonstrate how businesses like yours benefit from faster and better quality with a customisable MYOB Advanced report. They can also show you how dashboards can keep you and your people connected with real-time actionable insights. 

Better financial management 

Improving how you manage AP and the speed you collect AR is just one of the many benefits MYOB Advanced can deliver. Now your team can create comprehensive divisional reports, monitor expenditure, control approvals, and provide a greater, real-time understanding of your finances. With an enterprise-wide solution like MYOB Advanced, you and your team can use dashboards to monitor your progress and drill down into the details of every division and transaction. Everything is within your reach. 

Regulation Compliance 

Managing regulatory compliance and changes is one of the features of MYOB Advanced. Star can show you how to stay on top of current requirements and regulations that may change or be removed by any local, state, or federal government. 

Manage multiple businesses in the one solution 

You may manage multiple entities in one company. MYOB Advanced is built for complexity, and with an implementation partner like Star, you have a clear path ahead for rapid expansion and growth. 

Room to grow 

You want to grow and expand; you want to increase revenue and profitability. You want the flexibility to adapt faster to a changing market and opportunities. Star and MYOB Advanced can put you on the right track with a solution that fits your needs now and prepares you for an unwritten future. 

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"Stars support was first-rate. They were always prompt and knowledgeable with solutions that produced the right outcomes."

Michael Lien, Financial Controller