MYOB Greentree Industries

Education Management Software

We’ve learned a great deal over our years of working so closely with our clients in the Education and Training sectors. The clients that we’ve worked with have eagerly embraced our MYOB Greentree system that has freed them from time consuming paper reporting and data entry and given them the time back to do what they do best – teach!

Do you have hundreds of projects on the go? Let us help streamline your job costing needs

No matter what your business needs – we have the confidence to say that we have the right solution for you. For example, if you have multiple, sometimes even hundreds, of projects on the go then we can help streamline your job costing needs. MYOB Greentree’s Job Cost module includes user-definable Activity Codes and Work Centres, which provide the flexibility to present project costs in a format which is relevant to your own clients.

Track project data beyond the two-year view of older systems

Sometimes the projects you work on can span several years and your older systems might only provide you with a two-year view of data. MYOB Greentree is different. It matches data availability with the duration of the project, so management has high visibility of projects and resources as they progress. Managers will have all the information they need to make strategic decisions with confidence.

Schedule work up to 12 months in advance to ensure you have the resources to meet ongoing commitments

Our clients have found it particularly useful that the flexibility of the Excel Reporting functions allows project data to be converted to a few key items for example ‘days worked per project and days remaining’. Having this critical information allows work to be scheduled up to 12 months in advance and ensures that the on-ground work force is allocated to meet your ongoing commitments.

At Star Business Solutions – we have teachers too. We have standard training courses available for all of the solutions we offer. Like your own course, ours too have been refined over many years based on user and trainer feedback.

Flexible enough to allow you to think outside the box

Perhaps you have specific invoicing needs? Like the flexibility to list multiple deliveries on one invoice without it needing it to be a completed job. This can be provided with MYOB Greentree. Being able to offer your own customers a service as simple as that can have a great influence on your overall customer relationships.

Whatever it is that your construction or engineering business needs, we have the experience and tools to deliver effective solutions.


"We could quadruple turnover with the same staffing level and not bat an eyelid since Greentree will be absolutely scalable to whatever level we might require in the future. We envisage using it for a good few years to come."

Peter Hughes