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It’s been said that there is no more a competitive industry than the entertainment industry. Our clients come to us looking for solutions that give them an edge in front of their competitors by allowing them to work better and more effectively on the projects that make them famous.

MYOB Greentree's Entertainment Industry Software incorporates your CRM for a more comprehensive and integrated system

If your Entertainment industry business is in need of a more comprehensive and fully integrated system that incorporates your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), then speak to us.

One of our clients needed a fully integrated enterprise-wide system with a strong CRM capability to help them manage contractual arrangements with their customers. They knew where they wanted their business to go and so their new system also needed the potential to add manufacturing and hire activities at some point in the future.

We provided them with a MYOB Greentree modular system that gave Management a real-time view of all activities across its project and service divisions at any time. They now have a far better reporting system that informs management about the business’s contractual arrangements with customers. This facilitates better business decision-making processes now and into the future.

Track and trace the progress of each customer transaction and know their status in real-time

Entertainment industry clients also find MYOB Greentree’s Workflow moto be exteremly useful in tracking and tracing the progress of each customtransaction through the system. A colour-coded alert system lets users kexactly what the current status of a job is at any given point in real-time

If you’re even entertaining the idea that a new business system is what you need then touch base with us. We’ll develop a script and a plot that puts you ahead of your competition.with condfidence.

The PA People

"Without Greentree, the department just couldn’t operate. All our interactions with clients, whether it’s technicians or sales reps, our communications with suppliers... everything is there in Greentree. It’s made us really well organised, finely tuned and fantastic at communication."

Karen Jones