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Finance & Insurance Industry Software

In an industry where access to knowledge and being able to see the full scope of the situation is key – a software solution like MYOB Greentree can provide all the capabilities needed and more.

MYOB Greentree's Finance & Insurance Industry Software incorporates a full suite of financial management tools

MYOB Greentree has been the software solution of choice in the finance and investment industry. It has a full suite of Financial management modules from eReporting through to Asset Management.

From mergers, where a strong logistical platform is needed to bring together people, databases, branding and financials from the two businesses, to everyday financials without the manual paperwork – MYOB Greentree can help.

Excel integration for simple processing and reporting

MYOB Greentree is very flexible, especially in regards to its integration with Excel – making processing and reporting as simple as a click of your mouse.

Cut out the reconciliation process by automatically linking up to 99 companies

In a merger MYOB Greentree is capable of handling and producing financial information for both sides. It allows up to 99 companies to be automatically linked, cutting out reconciliation processes and saving huge amounts of time. And the multiple and varied financial reports that are needed throughout this process are just a click away.

Does your current software give you these capabilities? Are you looking for a solution that is better integrated across your business? Talk to us about how MYOB Greentree can provide you with all the tools you need and more.

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