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Food & Beverage Industry Software

Our staff at Star Business Solutions love working with the food and beverage industry. They love visiting the factories and sites during the analysis and implementations process. They find it rewarding providing solutions for the people that put food on our table every day. Oh, and they don’t mind the occasional sample or taste during the process either.

MYOB Greentree's Food & Beverage Industry Software has you covered from manufacturing through to distribution and wholesale

The solutions we have provided in the food and beverage industry are many and varied. Ranging from a suite that streamlines the entire manufacturing process down to simple solutions for stock take and bookkeeping.

For many companies in the food and beverage industry, distribution to wholesalers and retailers is key so having a distribution system in place that streamlines this process is beyond helpful.

Allows for multiple units of measure to be defined against each stock item

MYOB Greentree’s distribution system is flexible to your production style and it will also handle your inventory and pricing very effectively. The MYOB Greentree system allows for multiple units of measure to be defined against each stock item, including the conversion rate from one unit to another. Items may be purchased, transferred, stocked or sold in any unit of measure and MYOB Greentree will manage the conversions. Each unit of measure may also have a defined selling price, allowing volume prices to automatically apply if a customer purchases a larger quantity.

Remote access to live information when your on the move or working off-site

Another part of our system that many of our food and beverage managers have found useful is having remote access to live information whilst travelling or off-site. MYOB Greentree also provides the management team with online backups and full data security

Whatever it is that your business is looking for, we would love to sit down and have a drink or a meal with you to discuss how we can help – it’s what we do best.

Stahmann Farms

"For the first time in Stahmann Farms history, our Quality Control process has been integrated with Inventory Management making it an entirely embedded process. Inventory Management now has new discipline around it together with high visibility of exactly what’s going on."

John Howard