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General Service Business Software

You might operate in what could be called a ‘general service’ industry but that doesn’t necessarily mean your system needs aren’t quite specific. Many of our customers say they struggled to find a system that wasn’t ‘all or nothing’ and could be properly tailored to their needs. At Star Business Solutions, we have been fortunate enough to provide more than just a general service to businesses spanning the entire ‘general services’ industry.

MYOB Greentree's Service Business Software is a scalable system that can accommodate rapid growth

If you’re an acquisition-hungry business that needs a scalable system that can accommodate rapid growth then talk to us. Some general service companies also want to move from having a number of stand-alone payroll systems to a single one that can handle hundreds of different payroll rules. By automating your payroll process, we might even be able to save you a full-time data entry position (depending on the size of your operation).

Perfect for Cleaning Services looking to track the cost of consumables

Or perhaps you are a Cleaning Service that needs a system that won’t hold tcompany back. If you’ve been using Spreadsheets-based reporting you’ve probably found it to be inaccurate and time consuming especially calculating the cost of consumables that clients needed to be invoiced for – such as toilpaper, rubbish bags and bin liners.

Extracting data from these systems can be cumbersome because there are too many manual processes involved. To increase effciency and visibility, we can put you onto a flexible MYOB Greentree system that lets the company automate processes and monitor all information online, anytime.

For some clients this system increased effciency by 30% in less than a year. To see what it can do for your business – contact us today.

Paramount Cleaning Services

"All aspects of our business go through MYOB Greentree. It's the heart of our business"

Bill Wu