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At Star Business Solutions we have been fortune enough to provide a healthy and intuitively supportive system to our clients in the Health and Support industry. Like our clients it is our instinct to be able to see what is wrong and to then prescribe a solution that doesn’t just fix current problems but foresees future needs. The difference is, it’s business systems that we’re diagnosing not people.

MYOB Greentree's Health & Support Services Software makes financial reporting a simple and streamlined process

Some of our ‘patients’ have found themselves with headaches from a reporting system that’s inflexible and time consuming to process. When reports needed to be produced they would have to re-key their data and valueinto Excel in the format they wanted or needed. Now with our MYOB Greentresystem in place financial reports are produced directly out of Excel, with just the press of a button. This process makes month-end reporting much more streamlined.

A fully integrated real-time database means you can see the 'whole picture' of each and every one of your clients

Other ‘patients’ have reported that while using their old systems they couldn’t see the whole picture of a particular client, because the client information was captured in a different database, making it difficult to provide an effcient referral process. We were able to prescribe them a fully integrated real-time database that was even linked in to report electronically to their relevant Government department.

CRM, HR & Finance

We’ve also provided our clients in the Health and Support industry witmodules including CRM, HR and Finance giving them capacity to accommodate changes in the requirements of funding bodies, and inwith other communication, authorisation, eServices and security technologies.

Whatever it is in your business system that is ailing you, talk to us today so that we can prescribe a solution that will fix everything and have you on the road to a healthier work environment in no time.

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"Their staff like to engage with the business operations to understand our needs"

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