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Life Sciences Industry Software

In the life sciences field our clients need a system that offers them more automation and time-saving processes, especially in the areas of requisitions and reporting. Time is critical when comes to science – In fact for many labs one of their key performance indicators is turnaround time – the time between receiving samples and sending results. If you are constantly striving to give your clients reliable and swift turnaround times then MYOB Greentree can help.

MYOB Greentree's Life Sciences Industry Software has the power to track and manage thousands of products

If you are a lab that requires a powerful inventory management system to track thousands of products that you purchase by serial number, batch numbers or reference codes, then talk to us. MYOB Greentree can be used for ordering and managing the chemical products in your system. We understand that being able to ‘tag’ a product to a supplier is important – when it comes to reordering further stock from the same supplier for accurate testing – we can make this possible.

Multi department cost allocation

Does your lab need to allocate costs to different departments within the organisation? MYOB Greentree provides a multi-location feature that makes this function as easy as breathing.

We can even tailor a solution to your specific requirements

Even if your needs are more varied, more dynamic and more intricate than that, we can make use of the ‘science’ behind the MYOB Greentree system to completely tailor a solution for you because we hold the source code, under licence, for the solutions that we offer.

So while you take care of the science that takes care of us you can rest assured that everything else in your system will be taken care of by MYOB Greentree and their 2016 Australian Partner of the Year – Star Business Solutions.

Planet Innovation

"Greentree will free us up to spend more time developing innovative technological solutions."

Leanne Kelly