MYOB Greentree Industries

Manufacturing ERP Software

Our capabilities in the Manufacturing industry are often what have set us apart from our competitors. Our MYOB Greentree system offers several modules specifically designed to solve problems and increase workflow in this industry.

Users and managers see exactly what they need for their role in real-time

Workflow is a dynamic desktop tool that provides users and managers with exactly the information they require for their role – instantly, in real time. This means that warehouse staff no longer need to print a daily report of which orders are needed to be packed since they can readily access and pick orders on the fly. Customers also have ‘live’ access to the status of an order. It’s capabilities like workflow that save so much time for a business; that make the benefits of a MYOB Greentree system far exceed the cost.

MYOB Greentree's Manufacturing ERP Software will streamline your quoting and integrate with other vital business systems to give you access to all your performance data

It might not be cumbersome systems that are a problem for your manufacturing operation. Perhaps you feel like your business is fumbling in the dark trying to manage parts and service requests and to get the best use of its business data. The MYOB Greentree CRM system that we provide will streamline your quoting and integrate with Financial, Inventory and Job Costing modules to give you access to all performance data.

Eliminate mistakes and save time

Our Manufacturing industry clients have found that a system from Star Business Solutions eliminates mistakes in transactions, saves major amounts of time for finance staff and a vastly improves their view of how the business is working. If these capabilities sound like what you would like to see as part of your manufacturing operations then speak to us today.

Halifax Vogel Group

"Various warehouses store some of the products and others not. We’re able to check that up very easily on Greentree to see whether stock is available in other warehouses, so that we’re able to raise transfers to bring that stock into the particular warehouse that needs it. Our warehouse staff can then finalise an order and our customer service people immediately see that it’s ready for dispatch."

Stephen Dorrofield