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The bigger you are the more complex your accounting system needs. We all know how enormous the mining industry in Australia is. We also know how closely scrutinised this industry is. Those in the Mining industry use MYOB Greentree because they want a proven and tested system that streamlines their enormous and complex accounting needs – providing them with 360 degree access and visibility. With MYOB Greentree, we have been able to deliver everything they have needed and more. Perhaps you have found that in an attempt to connect the stand-alone accounting system to various financial and operational systems, a multitude of Excel spreadsheets have to be created to bridge the functionality gap? For many of our clients this has resulted in the duplication of effort and had generated a mountain of paperwork as staff spent hours entering and re-entering data.

MYOB Greentree's Mining Industry Software offers integration and a single point of access to all of your vital business information

When you come to us we can install a MYOB Greentree system that provides integration and a single data entry point, enabling a level of accuracy beyond what you have seen before. You will be able to drill down into your data to get a complete view of business operations. This will enable your directors to take a strategic view of the business and make sound fiscal and operational decisions based on reliable information.

Reduce errors and cut down on paper wastage with 360-degree access

Having 360-degree access also allows our mining clients to cut down on their carbon footprint by dramatically reducing paper wastage. Since every staff member will be able to view the same business data from anywhere within MYOB Greentree, the printing and reprinting of documents is no longer a ‘necessary evil.’

Whatever the size or scale of your business, allow us to examine your business and drill down to discover which solutions you really need. We have the experience of working with the mining industry and the proven tools needed to deliver effective solutions.

Andy’s Earthmovers

"We like to add value for our customers by saving them money. The mining industry particularly is subject to fluctuating commodity prices, which can affect its profitability, so if we can save them money by pointing out potential efficiencies, it’s a win for them and for us."

Lisa Mills