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Professional Services Software

When your clients come to you they expect a professional service that is second to none. They expect that you will deliver a professional solution to their problem in a timely and cost–effective manner. We understand this because that is exactly what our clients expect from us. If your business is wasting time, money and resources with the manual and tediously time-consuming process of report production, then we can help.

Extract data out of MYOB Greentree with automatic population into Excel spreadsheets

Many business systems require you to manually extract data and re-enter it into various spreadsheets before you can produce reports – for example those required for scrutiny by the board of directors. MYOB Greentree is different. MYOB Greentree’s Excel integration allows for the extraction of data out of Greentree with automatic population into Excel spreadsheets. Data can be manipulated and analysed as required, before being exported and mapped to a pre-defined report format.

MYOB Greentree's Professional Services Software provides improved accuracy and integrity of your business data

If it’s the accuracy and integrity of organisational data that you would like to see improved then we can help too. Using MYOB Greentree – you will be able to drill down into your data to get a complete 360-degree view of business operations. This will give management and directors the peace-of-mind and confidence to take a strategic view of the business and make sound fiscal and operational decisions based on reliable information

Talk to us about what you need and by deeply analysing your business we will find the very best way to help. Our aim is that you will consider Star Business Solutions to be the professional solutions partner to your professional services business.

TGM Group Pty Ltd

"Star has either come up with a solution or developed a new process to suit our needs. This has been very valuable to TGM in saving time & money."

Samantha Davis