MYOB Greentree Industries

Property Industry Software

The needs of the property development and real estate industry are as diverse as their customer bases. With MYOB Greentree we are able to offer solutions and tools that take care of your needs – whatever they are. If your legacy system just can’t cope with the growing demands of your industry then it’s time to speak to us.

Serious accounting software

For example, if you are a large property management company then you’ll need some serious accounting software and MYOB Greentree’s Financials, CRM and eCRM modules will give you just that.

MYOB Greentree's CRM can handle even the most complicated rent demands

MYOB Greentree CRM can handle all of the property data needed to coordinate rent demands and MYOB Greentree’s direct debit module can automate yet another time consuming manual process.

Even across multiple offices and agencies MYOB Greentree can process and centralise all your information.

Arm all your agents with one centralised database that's accessible from almost anywhere

All your agents could have MYOB Greentree on their desktops, which would give them instant access to their clients’ data. And, with eCRM, managers can access quick reports even when they’re away from their office.

Excel integration for easy reporting

We understand that in the Property Development industry all kinds of reports are essential so you’ll be relieved to find that Excel integration allows for easy compiling of all reports ranging from standard transaction reports to weekly, monthly or annual profit & loss reports.

When it comes to managing all aspects of the Property Development industry you’ll find yourself in safe hands with MYOB Greentree on board and their 2016 Australian Partner of the Year – Star Business Solutions.


"Measuring job costs is crucial for us and with MYOB Greentree, our project managers can get that information themselves.To access this information quickly and easily has significant advantages for our business."

Kelly Walsh