MYOB Greentree Industries

Tourism Industry Software

The software needs of the tourism industry are as diverse and far-reaching as the places that this industry can take you. Often tourism business struggle to find software solutions that directly meet their needs – that’s where a MYOB Greentree tailored solution is different. Star Business Solutions holds the source code, under licence for the solutions that we offer. Consequently we have the ability to wrap the software around our client’s business through customisation where necessary. So from the outset of your journey with Star Business Solutions you know that where you end up will be with a solution that perfectly caters to your business needs.

MYOB Greentree's Tourism Industry Software turns you raw data into invaluable business intelligence

You’re not locked into a stock standard tour. MYOB Greentree allows for huge amounts of flexibility. All the raw data that you input every day can be turned into figures and statistics that help you get the best view of your business. Flying on Auto Pilot with MYOB Greentree all you need to do is press a button and MYOB Greentree extracts the reports.

Make everyone's job a whole lot easier

One of the primary aims for implementing a MYOB Greentree system is to make almost every single person’s day-to-day job a whole lot easier. Even from your accountants perspective it won’t just be the free holidays that keep them working for you. They’ll appreciate being able to use their existing Excel skills to make reports and spreadsheets.

Whatever it is that your tourism business needs in order to fly higher and further why not take a tour with us? Let us guide you through to a system that puts you in the pilots seat and opens you up to 360-degree views of your