Agile and lean manufacturing with MYOB Greentree

If you’re an Agile, lean or any other form of job lot manufacturer, the nature of your business demands that you need to continually find new ways to improve your business and production processes and inventory management. You are also always looking at ways to improve your customers' satisfaction levels. MYOB Greentree is the ideal ERP software solution to help you achieve these goals.

MYOB Greentree allows you to integrate every aspect of your sales cycle with your manufacturing and delivery processes. MYOB Greentree will also provide you with enhanced inventory, stock management and forecasting, improving profitability and improve cash flow management. As a manufacturer, it’s how MYOB Greentree handles the details that really count.

MYOB Greentree Job Costing


Track unlimited inventory information and live updates. Make accurate product reorder decisions by utilising full demand history and forecasts. Sell into any market with multi-currency support. Use customer specific pricing to incentivise repeat business and customer retention. 

Sales and delivery

Empower your sales team with instant access to customer-specific pricing, item and quantity. Provide a better customer experience with complimentary item suggestions, back orders and realistic delivery times. Capture sales in the field with mobile sales entry. Use MYOB Greentree to inform your customers of the exact status of every item in their order.


Reduce administration time for placing standing orders. Improve how you control cost variations between expected and actual costs.     

Supply chain

Use MYOB Greentree to streamline and improve requisition management and inventory sourcing. Provide product visibility with online catalogues. Drill down into sale analytics to make more informed business decisions.

Quality control

Use MYOB Greentree to set up your own quality checks with approvals. Build your own standards for test classifications.

Materials requirement planning (MRP)

MYOB Greentree makes it easier to determine what and when inventory items are required. Manage where they are to be sourced and where they are needed.

MYOB Greentree Service and asset management

Contacts and relationships

Integrate your Microsoft® Office and email solutions to create a secure CRM, complete with automated organisational charts and document management.

Sales and marketing

Use MYOB Greentree to manage your complete customer sales cycle from marketing campaigns, through to quoting and Microsoft® Office integration.

Fixed asset management 

MYOB Greentree includes a CRM for Physical assets, allowing your team to manage every aspect of your asset maintenance schedules. MYOB Greentree you can manage the timing and schedule of maintenance works, as well as allocation of maintenance teams.

Fully integrated operation 

Streamline asset purchasing and remove double handling by raising a purchase order and posting payables directly to your MYOB Greentree asset Ledger. 

Valuation Management 

Better manage your Fixed Asset Register. MYOB Greentree allows you to re-evaluate assets, differential depreciation between tax and accounting, as well as automatically calculate the profit or loss on disposal of assets. 

Facility Plan 

Plan and manage the movement of assets in and out of your business. Easily monitor and incorporate changing conditions as they arise. 

MYOB Greentree Quad Accounting 

If your business consists of smaller entities that don’t require the set-up of a full company but have separate reporting requirements (e.g. trusts and franchises), you need MYOB Greentree’s Quad Accounting capabilities.  


If your Manufacturing business is looking for the types of improvements that increases customer satisfaction, retention and sales, MYOB Greentree may be the competitive advantage you have been seeking. To find out for certain, contact Star to arrange a meaningful discussion on the future of your business.