Are you prepared to spend a little to save a lot of money?

It's the end of the financial year again. For some, it is a time of celebration, for many it is a sobering experience. It is a time when many organisations have to come to terms with the consequences of decisions made a year ago on little or imperfect information. It is also a time of year when budgets and goals are set for the following year, where hard decisions are often made.

If you are not using MYOB Greentree Business Software then it may be time that you accepted that your current business software is holding you back. It may not be providing you with the types of reports and business intelligence that is crucial to supporting decision-making at every level of your organisation. If you graduate to a new generation web-native ERP solution, you could start to identify ways to better allocate resources. You could free up cash locked in inefficient inventory management or discover better, more efficient ways to manage your people and payroll.

You could even improve your customer service model and increase sales. But to achieve all of this for the year to come, and many years after, you are going to have to face the fact, you need to spend a little to save a lot.

Let’s talk in general about cost cutting exercises. Arbitrary decisions, such as ‘we need to reduce our payroll by 20%’ often have unforeseen consequences. Business decisions need to be based on a clear understanding of the status quo. ERP software solutions such as MYOB Greentree, implemented by highly experienced partners such as Star Business Solutions provide detailed, granular reporting and business intelligence that ensure that future business decisions are made with a clear understanding of the facts. With a true ERP solution such as MYOB Greentree, you can immediately identify inefficiencies and business processes that are putting unnecessary strain on your cash flow. In fact, the average MYOB Greentree implementation program by Star Business Solutions helps clients realise significant savings. And that’s just the beginning.

Improve every aspect of business a little, to save a lot

One of the fundamental benefits of MYOB Greentree ERP software is that it is an ‘enterprise-wide’ solution. It’s not just finance that benefits from a MYOB Greentree implementation; it's every aspect of your business. From discrete and process manufacturers, wholesale and distribution, agribusiness, the service sector, non-for profit and every other business and organisation model in-between have all benefited from MYOB Greentree. Why? MYOB Greentree has been specifically designed for SME’s with big business problems. It is the most cost effective way to make sure every aspect of your origination is working in harmony, like a well-oiled machine.

Silos start in small businesses and become an albatross around the necks of growing businesses. With an enterprise-wide solution such as MYOB Greentree, you can put in place better business management process now, which will service you well in the future. MYOB Greentree can even help you anticipate problems and act before its too late.

Let your people do business when and where they need to

Liberating your people from their desks, and repetitive tasks achieve greater efficiency in time usage and improves customer service. For your sales team, it puts client account information in their hands, while they're in the field and helps them complete orders while they’re with clients. It also reduces repetition and turns any device with Internet access into a business tool. Star Business Solutions can demonstrate how MYOB Greentree ERP software can get your business mobile, reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Are you carrying too much inventory?

Most Australian business that carry inventory have either too much stock or the wrong type of stock. The challenge is identifying ways to reduce stock, freeing up cash flow, whilst improving customer relations. With the right reporting and business processes, provided by a solution such as MYOB Greentree, this is not just possible, it is relatively easy. MYOB Greentree provides you with the types of granular reporting that allow you to drill down and develop a clear picture of what inventory you need to maintain. It also allows your people real time access to what inventory you have in stock and provide re-ordering by anyone with the authority, from anywhere at any time. MYOB Greentree and Star Business can even help you integrate your inventory management systems with your suppliers, automating the process where necessary, to improve stock management and cash flow. MYOB Greentree can even remove the need for a stock take.

Put your people where they can do the most good

Your people are one of (if not ‘the’) most valuable assets you have. They are also your greatest cost and financial liability. With MYOB Greentree HR & Payroll and Star Business Solutions, you can analyze how you are using your people and identify more efficient uses of their time. Whether its improving business processes management, reducing duplication or repetitive tasks, or even reallocating HR resources to income generating and customer service activities, Star Business Solutions can implement a MYOB Greentree ERP software solutions which will help you make better, more informed decisions about your people.

Improve workflow process

If you sat down with your people and discussed how they could become more efficient, they would probably have a general idea but would not have the specific information they need to support their ideas. MYOB Greentree can change this. MYOB Greentree not only empowers senior management with better reporting, it also helps line managers improve the way they work, with tools and reports to improve workflows. With the right workflows, companies can break through silos and begin to develop a 360-degree view of their business. More efficient workflows improve efficiencies, reduce costs, free up cash flows and improve customer service satisfaction.

Time to make a start

In this article we have touched on just a few ways that most organisations can reduce costs, improve efficiency, manage their people better, free up resources and manage and facilitate future growth. However, to develop and understand what this could mean to your organisation, you need to meet with the team from Star Business Solutions.

It’s a new financial year, a time of new beginnings. Now is the right time to sit down and start planning for a better future for you and your organisation… and it all starts here, with a single phone call.

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