Business continuity plan in the Covid-19 crisis

Rigidity once represented stability in business, but today it has become a symbol of weakness. In the current COVID crisis, we look around, and we see industry giants crumble under their own weight. We live in an era where agile and adaptability are more than just buzz words; they are the space in which business survive and thrive.

How did we get here?

Organisations within a stable environment and marketplace build complacency and dependency into their business models, often without knowing. They become dependent on the knowledge and know-how of individuals. Relationships with external providers and suppliers become complacent. A general belief in a 'solid-state' world starts to drive business thinking. Business leaders believe they can see any threat from a distance and respond over the years… then something like Covid-19 happens. 

The fastest way for businesses to adapt

With Covid-19, even the sharpest minds have been caught short. Few in the business world believed that something like this could ever happen. Even fewer had built resilient, agile business models. Those few were the ones who had recognised the necessity of Enterprise Resource Planning Software as a way of capturing the essence of an organisation. 

Organisations who had invested in ERP software have the benefit of both an overall and granular understanding of how their business operates best. They have reduced dependencies on individuals and individual relationships and are in the best position possible to pivot and adapt to changing market conditions.

What does Enterprise Resource Planning software include?

As the name suggests, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software allows organisations to understand what resources they have at their disposal, and use those resources most efficiently and effectively possible. It also provides organisations with an architecture on which to build and adapt. 

The right ERP solution for your business will also allow you to quickly and accurately verify changes to your business models, based on current and future markets and resource access. The right ERP solution can also help you quickly redesign business processes, more efficiently use human resources and inventory, free up cash and better manage cashflows…. and much, much more.

 Speed to market

Your organisation is in crisis. You need to adapt quickly, but you want to do more than just survive. You want to thrive and come out of all of this leaner, more agile, smarter, faster and more robust. Star Business Solutions have built a reputation for implementing highly effective ERP Solutions faster and better than the industry standards. 

Star's approach is built on an in-depth understanding of industries, as well as digging deep into organisational challenges, pain points and opportunities. Star has countless organisations willing to talk to their experience and the benefits they have of enduring, long term relations with Star.

Funding & managing you ERP Solution investment

Now may seem a difficult time to find the funds for an ERP program. It also may seem impossible to coordinate such a project with so many remote working. 

The Australian Government and State governments understand the importance of business continuity in the COVID crisis, so they are providing loans and grants which can be used to fund your ERP program. Check which options are available to you today.

Star has continued to work successfully through this crisis with its clients implementing ERP solutions that are allowing organisations to learn and adapt faster. Start a conversation today and see what your business can look like in 5 years.