The difference between a small & mid-sized business

Running a Small business is challenging. You learn how to manage cash flow, staff, finance, inventory and compliance. Because you’re so close to the action, you know precisely where to invest and where to save. Before you know it, your small business has become a mid-sized business…and that’s when things start to become more complex.

You feel the ground moving under you

You can feel your business shudder. Something doesn’t feel quite right. Somethings not quite in tune. All of a sudden you find you have all of the technology challenges of a large business, however, you're still using small business software solutions. 

You start to notice that there are disconnects or delays with the information you previously used to drive your business success. Information silos begin to build, and mistakes become costly. What you’re experiencing is the same growing pains as every mid-sized business owner. The cure is MYOB Advanced.

Where you are and where you want to be

You want to sustain growth. You want to have greater predictability around every aspect of your business. You want to reduce expenses and identify opportunities for greater business efficiency. You want to rid yourself of information silos and make sense of all of this business data you’re collecting. The answer is MYOB Advanced.

New thinking

The most comprehensive and efficient business management solution for mid-sized business is Enterprise Resource Planning Software or ERP software.  Until recently this solution was beyond the financial resources of most mid-sized business. This is no longer true. MYOB Advanced is an ERP software solution designed and priced for mid-sized business. 

MYOB Advanced provides a single solution where you manage payroll, inventory, sales, business processes and other areas of your business. MYOB Advanced is designed to connect processes, people and practice with a ‘single source of truth’ throughout your entire business. It’s how you develop a more in-depth and a more accurate understanding of where your business is today and make more informed decisions on where you want your business to go.

Scalability and flexibility

Not only is MYOB Advanced affordable, it’s also scalable and flexible. You start with an intuitive, sophisticated ERP solution that fits your business as it is today. Immediately you will see and feel the potential to transform your business. As time goes on your business will change. Your MYOB Advanced solution can evolve to keep pace with growth or the changing nature of your business. In time you will embrace the benefits of MYOB Advanced and doing business in the Cloud.

It’s time

Happy to stick with your current accounting software and other software solutions? Happy to maintain your manual and repetitive business processes? You’re bigger than that. Inertia is the only thing stopping you developing an understanding of the technology that can streamline and improve your business.

You may feel comfortable with your current accounting solution, simply because you know it. You know its capabilities and its fallibilities. What you don’t know is how much you’re missing. You don’t see the blind spots. You can’t connect all of the dots. 

There’s one way to find out what MYOB Advanced can do for you and your business, and that’s to contact Star Business Solutions and arrange a discussion. It’s your chance to have a confidential discussion about where you are today, where you want to be and how MYOB Advanced can help you get there.

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