ERP system implementation

Implementing your new ERP system or business management software can be an agent of change and appointing an internal Product Champion can go a long way to encouraging people to embrace the change. It’s also an opportunity to learn how others have used the latest generations of business management software to innovate and understand how this innovation can help you improve your business processes. Most importantly, it’s a chance to listen to your people and implement the types of changes that bring smiles to their faces and your customers.

Software implementation is all about people

Star Business Solution’s people-focused software implementation process is designed to help you and your team streamline current business processes and reveal other opportunities to make your business smarter and more agile. We understand that software is just the tool and innovation really happens at the people level, so we work to remove repetition, make work more intuitive and (where possible) automate tasks. We then find ways to use technology to help liberate your people from their desks, allowing them to focus on areas where they can make the biggest impact.

Your implementation team

Star does all of this and more, however, we do not do this in isolation. The process is most successful when it is collaborative. You appoint a project manager and we work with them and your team to review current processes and develop exciting new ways to improve every aspect of your business.  

The implementation process

At Star, we love to help. We start with defining your project, we then work through the implementation process, and (when needed) we even develop specific customisations that are unique to your individual business. You run trials and provide feedback, initially on specific business models, then the entire solution. 

Putting people first

Once you’re ready to go live, Star’s team then train your people. Training ensures that your team are on board and love their new, more natural way of working. The importance of appropriate training cannot be overstated.

The future

Once you’ve lived with your new ERP or business managmenet software for a while, you will see even more ways to innovate. Star will work with you over the lifetime of your software to help you maintain and improve businesses, exploiting new technologies to streamline and improve your business further.  

Building and maintain a competitive advantage

As you can see, Star’s software implementation process is much more than just the installation of software. It’s the beginning of a business partnership that ensures continuous improvement and innovation while keeping you competitive.