Get your head out of the clouds & your business in the cloud

The grey clouds of COVID 19 do have a silver lining. The horrors of one of history's most devastating viruses allowed business owners a reprieve from the day-to-day treadmill of running a business. It allowed business owners to reimagine their business. Now is the time to take those ideas and turn them into reality.

The role of cloud-based ERP software in reimagining your business

As your business has grown and evolved, your business software has struggled to keep up. Incremental changes made by your team and individual software providers may struggle to keep up with the pace of technological change, as well as the fundamental changes in the way you engage and support clients. A cloud-based ERP solution like MYOB Advanced might be the panacea that helps you reimagine your business, making it more agile, efficient and successful.

The impact of COVID 19 on business

COVID 19 has exposed the inherent weaknesses in many business models. From how your team works to how you access, convert and retain customers, everything was exposed to entirely new market forces. The one definite of this pandemic is that business will never be the same. The question then becomes, 'how do I make my business more suited to this new business environment?' One thing is sure; nothing comes from nothing. Now is the time to start looking at ways to streamline your business, capture the collective experiences of your team in business processes and find new ways to connect with customers and meet their new expectations.

Why ERP software in the cloud

It appears that many of your team members can work remotely…successfully. It also seems that many of your customers are happy to engage with you and your team through online portals, where they have access to project and order progress, as well as an opportunity for no-touch ordering. You can take advantage of all of this if you have a cloud-based ERP software solution.

What is ERP software?

'ERP' stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software helps you create a single, secure source of truth for your business data. When you have a cloud-based ERP software solution, you make this data more secure and accessible, lowering IT and business costs while enhancing collaboration. It's also a simple way to allow your clients to engage with you 24/7, 365 days a year.


Scaling your business up and down is more straightforward with a cloud-based ERP software solution like MYOB Advanced. Add locations, expand product lines and services, add or remove team members, expand your business reach is simpler, faster, and cost-effective with a solution like MYOB Advanced.

Invest in your business, not IT hardware

Cloud-based ERP software can be securely accessed through any device with internet access. Your team can work on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones easily. If you provide permission, your team members can access the information they need to work more effectively from their own devices. You won't even need to update software as your cloud-based ERP software is always the latest version.


MYOB Advanced cloud-based ERP software helps bring your entire business together. It allows you to increase visibility and identify ways to streamline resource management and improve your customer and client experiences. MYOB Advanced also provides an ecosystem of industry and solution-specific products that ensure your software fits your specific needs. You can even add or remove products as they are needed (or no longer needed). This flexible modular approach lowers the entry-level costs and timeframes to put your business in the cloud.

The role of Star

Star is one of the premier ERP software implementation teams in the country. Their extensive experience across countless mid-sized businesses in Australia makes them the ideal implementation partner for your business. From understanding your business's particular opportunities and challenges, to design, implementation, training and ongoing support, Star makes it simple and cost-effective for you to reimagine your business post-COVID 19.

Where to start

Start with a conversation with Star about your goals. Talk about why you started your business and what you wanted to achieve. Discuss both the challenges and opportunities that have emerged with your business over the past 18 months, then begin to bring in managers and business divisions to talk about what they would like to achieve. This process often identifies ways to make dramatic changes that improve resource use, free up cash flow and better serve customers and clients.