How Business Intelligence makes your Mid-Sized Enterprise (and you) smarter

A key reason many Mid-Size Enterprise’s struggle to get out of first gear is because owners make decisions based on a ‘best guess’ or their perception of business stability. Even if an Mid-Size business owner understands the value of a Business Intelligence (BI), they believe the value of such a system is not worth the investment expense. The same owner who doesn’t blink when deciding on a new piece of capital equipment struggles to understand investing in a Business Intelligence software solution, which costs comparatively little yet has the power to completely transform the way they do business.

Star Business Solutions has seen first hand the power of Business Intelligence (BI) for their MYOB Greentree and Mid-Size Enterprise clients, which is why we offer 2 solutions through our Business Intelligence division. The two Business Intelligence solutions we provide are MYOB Greentree IQ and Qlikview.

How MYOB Greentree IQ can completely change the way you view your MYOB Greentree ERP data

MYOB Greentree IQ is not just another form of reporting; it’s the next generation of interactive business intelligence that empowers you to make more informed decisions.

MYOB Greentree IQ builds a total view of your organisation.  It allows you to compare customer, product line and territory performance, identify trends and build forecasts based on ‘what-if’ scenarios and perform detailed critical analysis of key business indicators.

MYOB Greentree IQ allows you to focus on ‘what’s important’, rather than just focusing on ‘what’s urgent.’ In just seconds, MYOB Greentree IQ takes your MYOB Greentree EPR data and allows you to make sense of it all, by converting it too easy to understand charts, tables and graphs.

MYOB Greentree IQ is designed for anyone and everyone and every part of your business. It works the way your mind works. Just point and click, it’s that simple. Key decision makers don’t ever have to ask for help with their analysis again.

MYOB Greentree IQ provides you with access to easy to understand and customisable dashboards, sales analysis, ‘What-If’ analysis, supply chain and purchasing, as well as alerts. All of this is viewable through your web browser, ensuring you have access to key business information from anywhere at any time.

MYOB Greentree IQ is the ideal Business Intelligence solution for organisations that only need to interact with the data that is contained within their MYOB Greentree EPR software solution.

How Qlikview Business Intelligence software takes your business to the next level

If you need Business Intelligence from your MYOB Greentree ERP software solutions, as well as other 3rd party, specialised software solutions, Star Business recommends Qlikview.

The benefits of Qlikview Business Intelligence software are very simple to understand; Qlikview Business Intelligence software provides decision makers with those hidden insights into their business, market segment and clients that change the way you do business.

Successful Mid-Size Enterprise’s learn to unearth hidden trends and make discoveries that drive innovative decisions. Those who have the ability to do this can refocus their energies and resources where they can have the greatest impact. Those organisations that have the power to do this leave their competition in their wake. This is the power of QlikView.

The difference between the business reports you currently receive and the business intelligence provided by QlikView is how and when you receive information. Most business reports focus on the past and often hide the types of information that is key to informed decision-making. These reports are usually standardised and may be more suited to the needs of your accounts department than they are to a business owner who wants to drive innovation. QlikView allows you to ask the questions, no matter how obscure, of your business data and receive answers in seconds, in a format that is meaningful too.

Most business owners find graphical reports much easier to read than purely numerical reports. QlikView’s graphic reports allow you to see hidden trends and opportunities at a glance. You then have the power to drill further into data and test any assumptions you may have made. Imagine the power of this type of visibility across your entire organisation and how much more efficient and productive meetings with your management team can become, with this power at your fingertips. This is the power of QlikView.

Star Business Solutions’ Mid-Size Enterprise Business Intelligence expert

Star sees Mid-Size Enterprise Business Intelligence as an important resource. One of our team is Venkita Subharaman an Mid-Size Enterprise Business Intelligence expert. Venkita brings with him great experience in relation to the analysis of business reporting needs as well as the design and development of MYOB Greentree IQ/Qlikview models. Whilst he  works out of our Melbourne office, Venkita is available to assist clients no matter where they may be located.