How your business will outsmart your competitors

Your business will outsmart your competitors by making more informed and smarter business decisions. You will have a more streamlined business that has a greater understanding of what your clients really need (not what they think they want) and you will have a better understanding of where you make your money. This understanding will empower you and your team to make decisions that leave your competition scratching their heads and asking the question, “what happened?”.

How will you know all of this? You will use the power of a Qlik Business Intelligence software, custom suited to your specific business, which was implemented by Star Business Solutions.

What is Business Intelligence software?

Business Intelligence (BI) is not accounting software or other industry-specific business software. At its very best, Business Intelligence uses machine intelligence to enhance your human intelligence. It is how you continue to innovate and energise every aspect of your business.

Why Qlik Business intelligence

Qlik Business Intelligence software provides an environment which allows your people to come at data analysis in a manner that is fast, flexible and creative. 

A creative Business Intelligence solution such as Qlik encourages your team to look at every aspect of your business, from every angle, then make data-driven decisions. Qlik’s data analytics platform was built to connect your people to your data and ideas to generate new ideas and possibilities.

Get creative with your questions

Use QlikView to probe for insights with interactive selections and global searches quickly.  Instantly pivot your thinking based on what you see. See your business in entirely new ways...and make better business decisions.

Why Star Business?

Qlik Business Intelligence software is powerful, but Star Business makes it your own. 

Star starts by working with you to understand your business and your goals. Next, they create a customised installation, suited specifically to your needs. Finally, they train your people on how to maximise the impact and value of your new Qlik Business Intelligence. They then provide ongoing support. At the end of the process, you’re better informed and prepared to adapt to emerging business opportunities and challenges. That’s how you outsmart your competitors.