MYOB Advanced in the cloud

What is the Cloud? What opportunities and challenges does it present to mid-sized Australian business? Is it how we will all be doing business or just another passing technological fad? In this article, we hope to answer these and more questions about mid-sized Australian business in the Cloud.

What is the Cloud and why is it important to your business?

There are many explanations of what the Cloud is, however for the purpose of this article it's a network of computer servers that can be securely accessed online. MYOB Advanced is hosted in the Cloud, which removes the need to have your own in-house server. It's also kinder to your cash flow, allowing you to pay monthly. MYOB Advanced was developed for the Cloud environment, ensuring fast, simple, secure access from anywhere (and on any device) with internet access.

What opportunities does MYOB Advanced in the cloud provide you?

MYOB Advanced has been designed to manage your business. Running from the Cloud ensures fast access, no matter how many users you have. It also provides you with the confidence of business continuity, with multiple automated back-ups of both your business data and hardware. It offers extra layers of cybersecurity while delivering remote and mobile business opportunities. It allows you to run multiple divisions or businesses from locations anywhere on the planet with internet access.

Fast access 24/7

Your MYOB Advanced ERP software in the Cloud is flexible enough to adapt to the needs you have today and in the future. Today you may have 5 users, in 5 years it may be 100. Moment by moment your MYOB Advanced in the Cloud solution adds additional servers to take on extra workloads. The result is that you don't have the access and processing bottlenecks you have today.

Adapts to your business needs

You can also increase your MYOB Advanced plan at any time to reflect your current business needs. MYOB Advanced also makes it simple to add on industry and task-specific 3rd party fully integrated solutions, allowing you to streamline business processes and practices.

Business Intelligence

MYOB Advanced even provides Business Intelligence solutions. For many businesses, Business Intelligence software integrated with MYOB Advanced is their first opportunity ever to develop a comprehensive understanding of exactly where their business is. It's also an opportunity to explore where your business can go.

Providing you with the flexibility to adapt, expand, specialise and even contract your business software solutions to fit your business.

MYOB Advanced in the Cloud and Star

MYOB Advanced in the Cloud could be the business software solution you've been seeking. Use Star Business Solution's decades of business software experience to find if MYOB Advanced is the right fit for your business. Ask Star if MYOB Advanced in the Cloud can solve the business and technology challenges you have today and prepare you for the futureā€¦ no matter what that may be.