MYOB Advanced Field Service Management edition

We have entered an era where mobility is an essential business requirement. We're all working and connecting remotely. We've discovered both the benefits and pitfalls of this new way of working. MYOB has introduced Field Service Management to keep your business moving and scale more efficiently.

MYOB Advanced Field Service Management

If your business is built on service contract management and in-field servicing, MYOB Advanced - Field Service Management is the right solution for you. MYOB Advanced - Field Service Management delivers a new level of efficiency and customer satisfaction for Mobile service and service contract management, equipment management and Warranty tracking. 

Delivering greater efficiency right across your business

Your new cloud-based Field Service Management solution lets you streamline processes to reduce response times and costs. Building on MYOB Advanced remote working capabilities' strength and efficiencies, MYOB Advanced - Field Service Management, allows your people to stay connected and productive, reducing repletion and providing insights that allow for better resource planning. 

Mobile service management

Track and manage every detail of your field operations faster and better than ever before. MYOB Advanced - Field Service Management allows your people to quickly capture service needs and access customer information when and where they need it. Allowing your team instant access to product history and resources that allow them to work more effectively and with fewer errors.

Track equipment and warranties

MYOB Advanced - Field Service Management allows you and your team to better track installed equipment owned by you or your customer and implement preventative maintenance scheduling, as well as service order management. 

Improve inventory management and reduce customer downtime by tracking warranty classes by models of equipment.  Prevent needless customer invoicing for parts and labour when the work is already covered under warranty.

Service management

Your business is all about customer satisfaction… and so is MYOB Advanced - Field Service. Streamline your entire field service operation with features that ensure you send the right people, with the right skills to the right jobs. Optimise the routes for appointments, allowing your team members to do more service calls in less time. Link your service management to your MYOB Advanced Project Accounting module. Create dashboards that reflect your resource, your team and your individual business requirements.

Equipment management

Preventable mistakes cost time, money … and customers. Improve the information flow throughout your business and your team by maintaining up to date details of equipment and products installed at your customers' facilities by make and model. Track installed equipment owned by you or your customer and improve preventative and recurring maintenance schedules. Provide your team with secure access to equipment information and service history from anywhere, at any time, from any device.  

Warranty tracking

Nothing upsets a customer more than an invoice for parts and work they believe is covered under a warranty agreement. Avoid confusion with warranties that specify which parts are under warranty. Create warranties that reflect the specific needs of customers. Improve inventory management and reduce overcharging with a system and information that removes doubt and ambiguity.

Stay more connected and aware than ever before

The great thing about MYOB Advanced Field Service is it requires no further technology investment.  Keep your team connected with any browser-enabled device or use the MYOB Advanced - Field Service native mobile Android and Apple iOS (iPad) app. Allow your team instant mobile access to routes, future appointments, customer information and last-minute updates.

Service contract management

Service contracts are your most reliable and consistent source of income. Service contracts also allow you to plan resource usage and manage cashflows. Protect this source of income by providing a service level and efficiency that helps you keep contracts in place longer. Keep your team focused on the details that matter and allow scheduling to adapt to real-world needs. Never miss an opportunity by creating alerts that advise your team of expiring contracts.

MYOB Advanced - Field Service Management 

MYOB Advanced - Field Service Management helps you build and future proof your business while creating efficiency and customer service. It allows you to utilise the hardware you already have to deliver an industry-leading level of customer service, making customers happier, reducing downtime and improving your businesses' bottom line. All of this can be achieved with an investment that is well within reach of most businesses.