MYOB Advanced Manufacturing edition

It's both an exciting and challenging time to be a manufacturer. Market changes and new technology are creating exciting opportunities, while seismic global challenges are forcing more rapid digital transformation. MYOB Advanced Manufacturing is the ideal business-wide solution for mid-sized business to manage this transition.

What is MYOB Advanced Manufacturing?

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. It is the one software solution designed to help you streamline every aspect of your manufacturing business.

Which types of manufacturing benefit from MYOB Advanced Manufacturing?

Whether you're a Make-to-Stock, Make-to-Order, Configure-to-Order, Engineer-to-Order, Job Shop, Repetitive, Batch Process, or use forward or backward manufacturing scheduling methodologies, MYOB Advanced Manufacturing is the right solution for your manufacturing business. MYOB Advanced Manufacturing delivers simpler and better ways to streamline workflows, improve cashflow and resource management, and provides more accurate pricing and quotes. 

Production management

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing allows you to capture an item or project's total manufacturing cost. This includes material, labour, machine and tool costs, plus overheads, and outside processes.  MYOB Advanced Manufacturing also allows you to monitor and manage performance with detailed reports (including actual vs. standard/planned costs by detailed elements). 

Material requirements planning (MRP)

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing software streamlines the process from planning to ordering. Now you can create production and purchase orders directly from the planning screen. For smoother production operations, use MYOB Advanced Manufacturing's multi-level planning to ensure all requirements are met. Enhance your manufacturing resource planning by planning every requirement for every item. 

Bill Of Materials and routing

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing software empowers your team to connect materials, work instructions and overhead costs to an operation, allowing the time-phased release of materials. MYOB Advanced Manufacturing delivers multiple Bill Of Materials for engineering and cost views of the entire product structure. You can also calculate costs at average, standard and actual cost. Add tooling costs and overhead costs, both fixed and variable.

Product configurator

Reducing repetition is just one-way MYOB Advanced Manufacturing can streamline your business. Your team can create a new configured order by merely copying or modifying an existing configured order or quote. Your team can even make multiple revisions of the same configuration while maintaining a history of the revisions and creators. Based upon the MYOB Advanced Manufacturing features and options selected, the system has multiple price roll-up capabilities to determine the actual unit price for a specific configured item.


MYOB Advanced Manufacturing makes it simple to prepare estimates for existing or custom items. Now your team can create simple, quick summary estimates or more detailed estimates using a Bill Of Material structure. With MYOB Advanced Manufacturing its easy and fast to create a new estimate by simply copying or modifying an existing estimate, bill of material, or production order bill of material. MYOB Advanced Manufacturing helps your people improve the accuracy of estimates and profitability of your business.