MYOB Greentree team maintenance tips

Do you find yourself wasting precious time amending individual user’s security for a whole area of your business? Well now in MYOB Greentree, Team Permissions have improved to make this job much easier and is a valuable tool in managing Users and their permissions.

Users can be grouped into teams, which have the potential to make granting permissions to a large user base far more efficient than managing users individually. MYOB Greentree will retain the greater permissions granted from all the teams that the user belongs to. 

An organisation might have two teams within their financial department.  One team looks after Accounts Payable and the other Accounts Receivable. As such these two teams have been set up in MYOB Greentree with appropriate permissions. Bart worked in only Accounts Payable but had recently been assigned to also help out the Accounts Receivable Team. Rather than going into Barts User Preferences and selecting one by one all the additional permissions he should have, all you need do now is add him to the Accounts Receivable Team in MYOB Greentree and his User Preferences will be updated. Sometime later Bart is temporally appointed to manage the Finance Team as Sally has gone leave.  In order to do this role Bart needs additional privileges that only those who are in the MYOB Greentree Team called “Finance Administrator” have. In order to give Bart theses privileges all you need to is add him to the “Finance Administrator” team.

The “Reset to Teams” function on users, allows you to update user permissions based on their teams without having to trawl through each individual setting.  It is also needed when removing a user from a team because removal from a team does not automatically update the user.  That is, when removing a team from a user, the user retains permissions originally granted to them from that team.

As Sally is now back from Leave Bart no longer needs the privileges of the Finance Administrator. Therefore Bart is removed from the Finance Administrator team.  However, doing this does not simply take away the additional privileges he had as part of the Finance Administrator team.  In order to reset his privileges to be equal to that of the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Team, the “Reset to Teams” must be used.

When making Users a member of more than one Team, you can select one of those Teams as the Primary Team.  The Primary Team will update “primary attributes” for each user that is a member of that team, such as printing and data entry defaults (refer to the Help Guide for a full list of Primary Attributes). 

Teams can still be flagged to be ignored for security, meaning the team has no impact on the user’s security setting but can be used for filtering reports or A&A rules instead. Additionally, you can also take this one step further by configuring the system to disallow changes at the user level, meaning all permissions are granted from the teams that users are members of.

If you have any questions or would like more information on Teams and User Preferences please contact your consultant.