MYOB Greentree WebView webinar Pt.1

The next in Star's ongoing webinar series will look at the Greentree WebView module. WebView simply put, is a web based connection to the Greentree database, providing real-time reporting access to Greentree, from anywhere.

WebView can be broken into 2 main categories

WebView Designer: Enquiries, this could be to internal staff who don’t need access to Greentree, or even Customers and Suppliers which you wish to give them access to various reports.

Reports and Documents: Financial Reporting, this allows for the creation of Financial Reports that can be run in WebView as well as distributed in a Reports and Documents Library.

In this webinar we will be focusing on the WebView Designer module, with the Reports and Documents module being the focus for our first webinar in 2020.

We will be covering the following concepts

WebView Enquiries: Allowing users to apply filters or conditions and return a list of records. This component is based on the Greentree Explorer tool.

WebView Forms: Allowing users to provide more detailed information, including line items of transactions, attachments, charts, etc. This component is loosely based on the Greentree Report Writer tool.

WebView Reports: This allows users to run Greentree Report Writer reports via a browser.

WebView Approval Rule Actions: This allows users to perform an action that would trigger an Workflow Approvals and Alerts rule.

In addition to these broader concepts, we will be utilising this tool as a number of different user types, including an Internal User, a Customer and a Supplier.