Sensis survey shows Australian SME's lag on mobile

Australian SME's have two key challenges when it comes to mobile business. One is the implementation of business software that enables ‘business on the move.’ The other is a mobile website.

In the case of ‘business on the move’ business software, MYOB Advanced has Australian SME's covered. In the case of mobile websites, this is proving to be more challenging.

A recent Sensis eBusiness report, which surveyed 1,000 small and medium businesses and 800 Australian consumers has discovered that 56% of businesses surveyed with internet connections have a website. The majority of the businesses surveyed with a website said that having an online presence had improved the effectiveness of their business, however, the study also found only 35% of SMEs have optimised their website for mobiles and other devices.

The stats that count

The survey has indicated that of those small businesses who have not optimised their website for mobiles, 28% intend to optimise their website this year but 56% still had no plans to do this. Those small businesses who fail to optimised their website for mobiles are not ‘future proofing’ their websites.

Why is mobile search important to Australian SME’s?

Google announced earlier this year it would give priority to websites that are optimised when people are searching by mobile devices. At this stage, this will not have an impact on searches that are made from desktop computers, but with Google’s own research indicating that 65% (and growing) of all searches originating on mobile devices, overlooking more than half the market seems foolhardy and short-sighted.

How much do Australian SME’s invest in social media?

Social media is another cost with Australian SMEs; with the survey indicating an average spend of $6560 last year on their social media presence. The Sensis survey also indicated that 31% of SMEs surveyed reported using social media in their business, with nearly all of those having a Facebook page.

Why have Australian SME’s been slow to adapt?

Australian SME’s have been slow to accept the impact and opportunities of technology innovations of the last few years. Just as with EPR software investments, investment in websites and social media are being overlooked in budgeting. This is in spite of all of the evidence that clearly demonstrates the value and Return On Investment. The sooner Australian SME’s accept that ‘mobile’ is the new business paradigm and not a passing fad, the sooner they can take benefit from the considerable advantages of these technologies.