Stand alone or integrated payroll. What’s better for you?

There are some fantastic stand-alone payroll solutions available, but therein lies the problem-they’re ‘stand alone’. No matter how good the stand-alone payroll solution, it still needs to be integrated into your existing business software management solution or ERP software. This is where everything can come unstuck.

Different software developers, writing different code, with different agendas. Even in cases where a stand-alone payroll solution was designed from the outset to integrate with other software, the final outcome is never the same as an integrated solution.

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of ‘nice-to-have’ features of a stand-alone payroll solution but the reality is that it’s the ‘must have’ features that should be your major concern. One of those ‘must have’ features has to be integration with your existing business software. This is where solutions such as MYOB Greentree Payroll excel. Greentree Payroll features easy payroll processing, simple to build and use templates, extensive reporting, leave accruals, contracts, an attachment function, function security and data security, as well as payroll analytics. All of these functions work seamlessly and quickly because MYOB Greentree Payroll is an integrated solution.

So if you are in a position where you are considering upgrading your payroll solution, the first question you need to ask is ‘is a non-integrated solution really the way to go?”