What if you could find the answers to your business needs right now?

Imagine if you could find the answers to those nagging business questions you have right now? What would you do differently? What changes would you make? How would you re-allocate resources? What would be your investment priorities? How would you streamline your business? How could you improve relationships with your customers? What changes would you make to your product or service offering?

These are the questions that every manager needs to ask and answer, and with Qliksense many of these answers are just a click away.

What is Qliksense?

Qliksense is the next evolution of Business Intelligence. It uses a unique associative technology to dive deep into the lakes and silos of data in your business, providing an intuitive analytics solution that creates actionable insights.

Qliksense Intelligently summarises vast amounts of complex data, using data visualisation, and it does it in a way that is more intuitive than any Business Intelligence tool you've experienced.

Turn data into insights and decisions

With QlikSense's unique associative technology, graphs, charts and tables and click sets are automatically wired together for deep exploration. Each click in Qliksense instantly updates your entire view. This allows you to follow your intuition, make new discoveries and explore new questions, where ever your data takes you.

QlikSense's powerful smart search lets you search across all of your data, using visualisations to reveal relationships and find the right information fast.

Energise planning and management meetings with live discoveries

With Qliksense you never again need to leave management and planning meetings with more questions than answers. Qliksense allows you and your team to share insights with rich visual data stores created right within click sets. With Qliksense your entire team can now move confidently between presentations and live analysis. Imagine the power of such dynamic management and planning meetings.

Analytics and insights as mobile as your people

Qliksense drives collaboration with apps and analysis through a tightly organised central hub. Qliksense makes it practical to explore and create analytics from any device, and any location. QlikSense's responsive user interface intelligently adapts to provide the ideal user experience, whether on desktop or mobile, on-premise or in the cloud.

Never lose control of your data

Self-service analytics no longer means compromising security, governance and scalability.

Qliksense was built for even the most demanding enterprise requirements. Star can implement your Qliksense solution, either on-premise or in the cloud.

Your IT maintains full control of your Qliksense solution, with centralised management of content and resources, rules-based security and governed libraries, ensuring data quality and integrity.

How Star makes Qliksense a part of your business's DNA

Not only can Star set up Qliksense for your business and train your team, they can also customise your solution to make intuitive driven data analysis part of your DNA.

Star can extend Qliksense to build custom apps and visualisations, as well as embed objects in other apps, using open and standard API's. Star can also help you integrate complex data from multiple sources. This includes direct connections to big data.

Scale to meet your demands

Star can also show you how your new Qliksense solution can rapidly scale across geographies to support large volumes of data and users. Why contact Star about QlikSense today Star can walk you through QlikSense's capability, from the perspective of your business.

Star can demonstrate how QlikSense's proven associative engine, combined with unimagined self-service discovery capabilities can empower and energise every aspect of your organisation. Start with making an enquiry today.