Why mid-sized business are choosing cloud-based ERP software

The three buzz words for mid-sized business over the next 2 years will be 'respond', 'recover' and 'thrive'.


Responding to the globally disruptive nature of the pandemic is the first order for business.
Businesses the world over are looking for inventive ways to deal with the present situation and manage continuity. 


Once business has a workable repose, the next priority is recovering. We all know that 'business as usual' is a fallacy. Business needs to learn from experience, identifying inherent weaknesses and opportunities to improve business models and practices. However, to do this, a business will need the tools to make sense of the information they have collected through this maelstrom and compare it to how they work prior to the pandemic. 


In a problem, there is always an opportunity. As a business leader, it is your responsibility to find that opportunity and help your team realise this. This is a time where you get to plan for a 'new normal', where your business can thrive while your competition withers.

The way forward

The way forward for your business is a process you have most likely begun; however, what we all have learned is that we need better ways to plan for the unpredictable. You and your team have learned to work remotely. You're learning that you can pivot, you just need systems that allow you to do this faster and better. You've probably also discovered inherent inefficiencies in business processes and that you should have captured key business knowledge better. You may be looking to reduce staff or attract new and better people. All of this is an opportunity that needs your attention now.

The role of technology

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that technology that enables your team to work under extreme or unpredictable circumstances is the way forward. Whether its teleconferencing or secure remote access to essential business information, web-accessible technology is becoming the 'new normal' for thriving businesses.

Business software in the cloud

Connection is the key to the success of all mid-sized business. With every additional layer of management, every new location, every new country, every expansion opportunity, the challenges are always to remain connected. For mid-management, they are called onto connect teams in the field and around the world. For senior management and owners the challenge is to keep your finger on the pulse, without being buried in the detail. Everyone in your business needs centralised, cloud-based access to information that drives your business success and new generation cloud-based ERP software solutions like MYOB Advanced fit the bill.

The benefits of cloud-based SaaS ERP software

Whether you are graduating from accounting software or have decades of experience with ERP software, the tectonic changes of the past 12 months should have alerted you to the value of cloud-based SaaS ERP software. In addition to the low cost of entry, improved security and remote accessibility of MYOB Advanced, organisations like Star can demonstrate how this software can improve your business efficiency, transparency, and agility. If ever there was a time to have a conversation (remote or otherwise) about cloud-based ERP software it is now. Implementing MYOB Advanced is the simplest and cost-effective way to respond, recover and thrive today.