Why now is the best time to implement ERP software

For everything, there is a season. Rain falls in winter so we can reap its rewards in spring and summer. The same is true for ERP software. Some might say the best time to review and update your ERP software is when demand is at its peak. They would be wrong.

Why it's more challenging to replace ERP software when times are good

When you're busy, you have little time to reflect on how you can make your business better. How you can streamline business processes, breakdown walls between your business units and create greater visibility across your entire organisation. When times are booming, most business owners are hesitant to change anything. When cash and business are plentiful, we are less concerned with the stock build-up, the wastage and the little things that improve your customers' experience. It's a seller's market, and for the most part, you get to set the agenda. That all changes once it becomes a buyer's market.

When times change from a seller to a buyer's market.

Now you're in competition for every project, every order. Buyers can push down prices or place any number of demands on payment and supply. You find it difficult to compete with some of your competitors. Maybe they're dropping their prices to keep staff employed and the business running. Perhaps they've figured out more efficient ways to run their business, and you're falling behind. This is the time when you look to the innate efficiencies of the latest generation on mid-market ERP software to streamline your business. It's also the ideal time to talk to Star on how your new software can help to see farther into the future and anticipating increased (and decreased ) demand. It's how you get to see your business from the perspective of your clients and analyse your business processes. It's when you get to see your business as it really is.

The process is as transformative as the software

Some of Stars' clients have identified ways to improve their business efficiency by 20% or more. Others have discovered ways to maintain more efficient stock levels, freeing up cashflow. Still, more have reduced repletion and errors, creating happier customers and happier team members.  The benefit of working with such an experienced ERP implementation team as Star is it allows you access to knowledge that has transformed others in your sector. Star manages the conversation and guides you and your team to an outcome that is nothing short of transformative on every level.

Why now is the ideal time to start

Now's the time to put Star and your team to work defining how your business will look in the next boom cycle. Now is also the time where you and your people will have more time and resources to devote to the process. Together you can streamline how your business works today, delivering better outcomes with fewer resources. They can also show you how your new ERP software will make your business more adaptable to changing marketing conditions and needs. Best of all, the Star team can demonstrate the ROI of your investment today and for many years to come. Now is the best time to plant the seeds that will feed your future growth. Contact a Star team today to find out more.