Is your organisation ‘remote-work’ ready or are you experiencing issues?

Many organisations are currently faced with the prospect of operating their entire organisations or are working through the challenges of operating from countless remote locations. Never before have we been faced with such challenges, many of which still remain unclear. What is clear is that any organisation that lacks the business software capable of managing this challenge faces an uphill battle for survival.

Where to start

There are many things that you take for granted when managing your team from your offices or worksite that need to be addressed when managing your staff remotely. To name a few, issues such as following business processes and protocols, approval processes, team interactions, timesheets, HR and OH&S all come into sharp focus.

Start by asking what functions your people can do remotely now and what do they need access to your facilities to complete. If there is a gap, discuss with Star how to bridge this gap.

Team interactions

As they say, ‘no man (or woman), is an island’. We are built for collaboration, and your organisational culture thrives on these interactions. Ask Star how they can provide a tailored solution to meet your organisations specific new operational needs, including remote work.

Working with customers and clients

Although this may not be a day to day proposition, your organisation probably depends on face-to-face interactions with customers and clients. At least for the short term, this may not be possible. Now is the time to think laterally about how you can use the technology provided by Star to maintain the connection and trust you’ve built over your relation.

Financial management

The lifeblood of your organisation is your cashflow. Remote financial management is possible using the solutions provided by Star. From cash flow management, receivables, payables, reports and financial compliance.

Your unique organisational needs

We’ve only scratched the surface of what your organisation needs to consider to work more efficiently and effectively when your team are operating remotely. When you think about it, you’ve probably more questions than answers at the moment, which is why now a good time is to start a remote conservation.

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