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ELMO cloud payroll software

ELMO provides a fully integrated cloud payroll solution for MYOB Advanced and MYOB Greentree. This solution was designed for the Australian market and Australian business, streamlining payroll and HR management and compliance.

What are the tangible benefits for your business?

Remote access

Remote access is more than just a buzzword. It has become a necessary function of any payroll system. ELMO delivers a payroll management solution that’s securely hosted in the cloud, allowing your back of house team secure, role-based access from anywhere with internet access. It also provides those working in the field with self-service access to update the contacts and leave requests.

Australian and New Zealand compliant

Another benefit of ELMO’s native cloud capabilities is compliance with both Australian and New Zealand payroll compliance. As a cloud-based solution, you never need to update software to ensure that your payroll system is compliant with the latest SuperStream and Single Touch Payroll (STP) in AU and Payday Filing & KiwiSaver requirements.

Streamline and simplify

Streamline and simplify your entire payroll and HR management process. ELMO delivers electronic timesheets into the hands of those who need them. HR features simplify onboarding and leave transactions, which all flow seamlessly into your payroll process, removing the need for additional or repetitive data inputs. Export General Ledger journals and simply employee payments with standard ABA Bank Files.

More about MYOB Advanced partner ELMO

For many organisations, payroll is both the most significant expense and the most extensive area of risk. ELMO delivers improved visibility and reporting functions, helping your team to identify trends and issues. Use ELMO’s sophisticated and straightforward reporting functions to drill down into either historical or current payroll data for audit, variance, payroll tax, compliance & other reports. Use these insights to improve the management of both employees and HR.

The key ingredient of any successful software solution is simplicity. ELMO Payroll delivers an intuitive interface that makes it simple to manage employees across single or multiple payroll cycles. ELMO provides the flexibility to run standard or ad-hoc payroll when you need.

Some payroll features are more efficiently managed by individual employees, which is why ELMO Payroll includes a self-service feature. With ELMO your people can securely login on to any device to update their contact information, add leave requests and check their leave balances. This feature also removes the need for paper-based timesheets while automating data entry to payroll. Employees can also use this feature to review payment summaries.

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