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Phocas Business Intelligence for MYOB Advanced

Your MYOB Advanced or MYOB Greentree solution helps you collect detailed data on your business. Phocas Business Intelligence (BI) software enables you to make sense of this data with actionable insights.

What are the tangible benefits for your business?

Data that tells your story

Business often has conflicting narratives. Much of this conflict is driven by a specific point of view. Take the guesswork out of decision making with a solution that uses data to tell your story, using a language that is easy to understand. Create customisable dashboards and generate custom reports instantly, allowing your team the tools to see the whole picture. Use these intuitive tools to discover new opportunities and to improve budgeting and forecasting.

Which industries benefit the most from Phocus?

Mid-sized manufacturing, distribution, retail and construction business will benefit the most from Phocas Business Intelligence. Other businesses that benefit from Phocas actionable insights, budgeting and forecasting capabilities include automotive, industrial, consumer goods, electrical, food and beverage, health and science, cleaning, plumbing and HVAC.

More decision-making power to more team members

our top-level management team will benefit immediately from accessing the actionable insights delivered by Phocus. So will other team members. Phocas users make more informed decisions, making it possible to work more efficiently with sales, purchasing, finance, marketing, IT, and your executive team.

More about MYOB Advanced partner Phocus

Like your MYOB Advanced software, Phocas is a secure cloud-based solution. As a cloud-based solution, Phocus makes it easy for your team to work securely from any location, sharing insights, information, and reports.

In addition, guiding strategy decisions, Phocas delivers to distribution businesses actionable insights that help maximise orders, refining margins, and hit meaningful SLA and KPI targets. These insights also optimise customer service processes.

For Retail businesses, Phocas consolidates your financial, product, customer, and supplier data into one real-time view. This single view can help you identify opportunities to optimise every aspect of your sales process, from supply chain management to your point of sale or e-commerce solution.

Construction business managers are often called on to make project defining decisions quickly. Phocas Business intelligence software makes it simple to drill down into key project and financial information, enabling your team to make more informed operational decisions.

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MYOB Advanced and Phocus are designed to future proof businesses just like yours.

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