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TOKN enterprise mobility solutions & mobile apps

Apps have impacted every industry sector, enabling people to make more meaningful connections with organisations and businesses. TOKN is a software solution that makes it practical for your people to create apps that connect every part of your organisation with the people that matter and information that matters most.

What are the tangible benefits for your business?

Creating a connected workforce

Your people are at their most productive when they are connected. Create your own apps to improved productivity, safety, and collaboration. The TOKN platform makes it possible, simple, and cost-effective to create apps that fit your business or organisations goals and missions.

Break down information silos

From accessing critical data and information from your MYOB Advanced or MYOB Greentree solution to integrating with legacy systems, TOKN helps you generate apps that bring information to life while streamlining information flows and business processes.

Simple, specialised, and rapid app development

With TOKN, there is no need to develop a single app for your entire business or organisational needs. Use a more agile app development strategy to quickly build and deploy apps for specific users and groups with specific workflows.

More about MYOB Advanced partner TOKN

The TOKN Enterprise Platform is a low code enterprise integration platform (iPaaS). The platform is designed with the tools and capabilities required to connect different systems and deploy custom apps. The TOKN Enterprise Platform includes Workbench, a tool kit that allows your people to quickly and easily create, edit, and deploy native apps with a low code drag and drop interface.

TOKN generated apps make it simple to securely and remotely wipe and deny list data and audit traffic. Monitor devise and application usage and geo-fence devices to only be used in places or on projects you permit.

Optimise the value of IIot technology within your business or organisation with TOKN. Connect devices, machines, equipment, and sensors to improve productivity, safety, and visibility.

One of the many benefits of the TOKN mobile app development platform and apps is that they all undergo independent penetration testing, securing sensitive and valuable data and information.

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