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In the past 12 months, eCommerce sales worldwide rose above $26 trillion. There are almost no sectors that don’t require eCommerce solutions. Whether you operate a mid-sized B2C or B2B business, whether you operate locally or globally, you need an eCommerce solution that integrates within your MYOB Advanced software.

What are the tangible benefits for your business?

Streamlined Online Orders

Weka Online’ MYOB Advanced integration allows your business to automate the flow of data. They connect your eCommerce website to MYOB Advanced, allowing orders to be managed through your existing MYOB Advanced solution. Cash orders can be paid for with a range of payment solutions.

Customer management

With your new Weka Online designed eCommerce solution, your customers can now view their complete order history, displaying online and offline orders. Additional functionality includes searching through order history. B2B customers can access both online and offline sales orders.

Supplier Integration

Streamline order fulfilment and stock management by integrating your Weka Online designed eCommerce solution with your MYOB Advanced warehouse and distribution features. Automatically connect your eCommerce solution with suppliers to upload product manuals. Set up stock reordering solutions in MYOB Advanced triggered by order activity in your eCommerce site. Customise your eCommerce solution to manage both drop-ship and warehouse stocked items.

More about MYOB Advanced partner Weka

Weka Online can provide an eCommerce solution that allows sales orders ready for shipment to flow into your courier’s portal, reducing the need to manually input data.

Role-based pricing is a critical difference between B2B ordering and B2C ordering. If your business is B2B or provides a B2B option, your Weka Online designed eCommerce solution can provide your customers tiered pricing and pricing specific to an individual customer. When your customers’ log in, they will see their pricing and purchase the product based on their pricing level.

Retail businesses are increasing their online sales. Weka Online can design a business to manage your online sales growth with automated features that allow you to create a low touch, scalable consumer experience.

Weka Online provides a pre-built B2B platform designed to suit the basic needs of an eCommerce business. Automate and manage order histories, order forms, invoice history views, quote management, team management, special pricing, and trade products. Use your new eCommerce platform to transform your business improving customer experiences, cash flow and stock management.

Remove the need for phone and email ordering and provide your customers with 24/7/365 day a year access to their orders and order history and statement. Promote offers. Provide in stock information and improve management of out-of-stock items. Connect your sales team, factory floor and warehouse with ordering and contact information. Streamline your sales team by allowing them to focus more on customer management. Create a single, secure cloud-based paperless sales process to scale faster and grow revenue streams.

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See how Weka Online eCommerce platform can help future proof your business

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