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The world of manufacturing is moving at an ever-increasing rate. To remain competitive, you need to continue to improve how you connect and engage customers, how quickly you bring new products to market and improve efficiency of stock and inventory management. MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition is a solution specifically designed with this in mind, enabling you to efficiently manage your entire business.

What are the tangible benefits to your business?

Streamline your business

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition allows you to use one central real-time system to plan and coordinate across production and resource management, sales and finance.

Quickly meet customer demand

Your customers expect you to be connected and respond to their needs without delay. Now you can use accurate, real-time data to predict sudden increases in demand and quickly fulfil large orders.

Improved cost tracking

Now you can track material and labour costs as you manage your products. Use MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition to compare standard and planned production costs to actual costs of production.

More about MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition

With the visibility provided by MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition, you can track and control costs at every step in the production process and managing resources effectively, ensuring your pricing remains competitive and profitable.

Do you automatically update customers when the status of their order changes? Can customers check in online to see an orders status? With MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition, they can.

Use MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition software to help you design, procure, produce and allocate resources more efficiently, reducing the time and cost of bringing new products to market.

The secret to increasing market share is satisfied customers. Use MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition software to build better customer experiences through consistent, reliable and on-time delivery of quality products.

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Become more agile today

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition is one of the most cost-effective ways to help your business become more agile. With a cloud-based solution software is automatically updated, ensuring peak performance.

Your new MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition software allows your business to adapt and change to new opportunities and changing market conditions faster.

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MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition is designed future proof businesses just like yours.

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