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MYOB Advanced is at the forefront of a new generation of even more affordable ERP software solutions. Click on the 'MYOB Advanced Price Calculator' button to create a customised report and estimate on an MYOB Advanced solution perfectly suited to your specific business needs.

What are the tangible benefits for your business?

Streamline your business

From improved accounting, cash management and inventory management to intuitive staff productivity tools, security, and improved customer engagement, MYOB Advanced and Star can help you and your team realise your true potential.

Better connectivity and security

The quickest and most cost-effective way to build a connected business is with a Cloud-based ERP SaaS solution. Hosting your ERP software in the cloud allows you, your team, and your customers to have secure access to essential information in real-time, from any location with a strong internet connection.

Lower IT and hardware costs

Cloud-based solutions don't require major on-premise hardware investments or support and are faster to implement and easier to maintain. With MYOB Advanced, you don't need specialised devices to access essential business information.

More about MYOB Advanced Software

SaaS software reduces the licencing cost and reducing up-front implementation costs.

As MYOB Advanced is in the cloud, you, your people, and your customers can access essential information from any location with internet access. Whether that's team members working remotely, field service teams, or teams in other offices, sites or geographies, the right people have secure access to what they need to work together instantly.

Your MYOB Advanced solution is hosted on a server that scales to meet demand. This means you won't have the traditional problems of on-premises solutions that struggle with increased demand.

MYOB Advanced has the capability of changing with your business. Whether your business is scaling up, scaling down, becoming more complex, operating in different compliance environments, different geographies or changing your focus altogether, MYOB Advanced can change with you.

MYOB Advanced removes the need to update your software. As improvements are made to the core system, they are immediately available to you and your team. MYOB Advanced is continually using business feedback like yours to make the changes that future proof your software and ensure you can respond better to changing markets, business, and technology requirements.

MYOB Advanced Introduction

Become more agile today

Your business culture is unique. So is your team. So are your business goals and processes. The Star team take the time to understand all of this, then use their team's extensive experience and the flexibility of MYOB Advanced to create an ERP solution that has been tailored to your current and future needs.

Star can precisely demonstrate how your new MYOB Advanced software can help your business pivot to meet new opportunities and changing market conditions faster. 

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MYOB Advanced is designed future proof businesses just like yours.

If you’d like to know more, contact us for a free demonstration tour of how it can help improve your business based on your specific business needs.

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